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Ambien vs Provigil

Sleeping problems, whether they be insomnia or wakefulness problems that cause a person to feel tired/fatigued all day are experienced by millions in America and more worldwide. Two medications are well known options to treat each problem. This would be Ambien and Provigil. Here’s a brief summary of what these drugs are and what they do.


Ambien is the brand name for Zolpidem. It’s a sedative or what’s called a hypnotic. It works by effecting chemicals inside the brain that can be off balance in people suffering from insomnia. It comes in extended release form as well as immediate release form. A doctor would decide which one would be best in your particular case.


Provigil is the brand name for a drug called Modafinil. It’s a drug designed to promote wakefulness in people. It works by changing the natural chemicals in the brain. Its main use is to help with sleepiness problems brought on by sleep apnea, narcolepsy or shift work sleep disorder.

Which one of these medications is right for you, Provigil or Ambien?

The thing about both of these medications is even though they might both be designed to combat some facet of sleeping problem, they both do it in different ways. Ambien is designed to help a person get to sleep and stay asleep. It attacks the problem of insomnia. Provigil is designed to help those who suffer from wakefulness problems. With this being said the main thing that should be focused on when doing a comparison is which one a doctor prefers to give out. There might be specific reasons why a doctor might prefer one of these over the other or another option overall:

Ambien is well trusted, despite its history of problems as far as side effects or addiction goes with a fraction of people who have used it. You could argue that because the drug is so well known and widely used this means the number of people who would have problems with it after a certain period of use is going to be higher. Doctors are well educated about Ambien and what it can do. They make sure it’s the right fit. Few doctors would have a problem with prescribing this for a sleeping condition if they felt it would be best.

Provigil is well trusted to treat wakefulness problems, but potential users might find some doctors have a hard time giving it out. Yes, it’s popular, but the problem with it is in its potential for abuse. Provigil has been said to help people focus better and concentrate better. It’s because of this that the drug can be used for recreational purposes by those seeking to gain what could be called a competitive advantage when it comes to school work. It’s been called the “Smart drug”. Doctors are aware of this and are more skeptical about prescribing it over a lesser known option.

The option that doctors trust is going to be important when it comes to looking into either of these. Individual doctors do their own research and rely on the research of others in the medical field to know which option would be best. If a doctor decides something else would serve you better, there’s usually a good health related reason for it.

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