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Why Doesn’t Ambien Work Anymore? Some Valid Reasons Why You Are Becoming Tolerant

Why doesn’t Ambien work anymore? That is the question asked by a lot of people who have started taking the drug, were able to take it for a short while, and then seemed to not be impacted by it as much anymore. These people express great frustration, however there are very specific reasons why you may not be getting the same punch from the medication as you did in the beginning.

Developing a tolerance

There are many ways to answer the question concerning why doesn’t Ambien work anymore. Usually though the answer is really simple, in most cases you have developed a tolerance to it. You might have been taking it for longer then what it was intended.

You might have increased the dosage so much that your body has made the proper adjustments so it is not as effected. In any case you have developed a tolerance for the drug.

Seeking medical adjustments

If you have developed a tolerance for Ambien then you might want to consider seeking a medical adjustment in order to see what can be done. Typically you are going to be prescribed a larger dosage.

You might be given a different form of the pill that is going to help you stay asleep longer. In some cases, your doctor might recommend for you to switch to a different sleeping medication altogether if you are still suffering from sleeping problems.

Taking alcoholic sleep aids

One reason why Ambien might not be working for you the way it was in the past is because you might be taking other sleeping aids, such as Nyquil. These types of sleeping aids have alcohol in them and will interfere with the effectiveness of Ambien. If you are taking such sleeping aids simply discontinue use and see if you notice any sort of difference.

Laying down immediately

If Ambien is not working for you anymore is it because you do not lay down right after you take it? Sometimes people stay up longer then they are supposed to after taking the medication. It is advised for you not to do this, because you are actively trying to fight the affects of the drug, and as a result you will build up a tolerance much faster.

It is important for you to work with the drug and not work against it. You only need a few minutes before the drug begins to take effect. Ambien is designed to help you get over your sleeping problems; it is not designed to be a stand along permanent solution.

There are many other reasons why Ambien might not be as effective as it once was. In order to help you avoid the tolerance you will develop for it though, you need to look into other options long term. The last thing you want to do is develop such a dependency that you cannot get to sleep unless you take a large dosage of Ambien.

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