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What Are Some Healthy Habits You Can Form So You Are Not Dependent On Ambien For Too Long?

The problem with taking prescription medications such as Ambien is that too many people look at it as a long-term solution. People see it as a long-term solution because if it works for them than they can’t imagine any other way they will be able to get to sleep after they discontinue use.

Discontinuing use is simple though once you learn other habits that will help you sleep better. Ambien is only meant to be used as a starting point. You can do other things such as the following to develop better sleeping habits.

Avoid caffeine within six hours of bedtime

In American society taking caffeine almost seems like second nature. People become dependent upon caffeine contained in soft drinks and other beverages they might consume. This caffeine interferes with sleep though, especially when it is taken six hours before bedtime. If you plan on taking Ambien and you want to avoid becoming over dependent on it than avoid taking caffeine within six hours of bedtime.

Avoid alcohol and smoking within one or two hours of going to sleep

Not everyone has a smoking habit, but a lot of people consider drinking alcohol as a casual thing. People will drink alcohol to unwind after a long day of work or simply to take the edge off. Drinking alcohol and smoking within hours of going to sleep contributes to sleeping conditions. Drinking and smoking also will not help if you are taking Ambien; in fact it might interfere with its effectiveness.

Exercise regularly

People cringe at the idea of having to exercise on a consistent basis; it simply seems like too much in a society that already places far too many demands on people. However, exercise and taking Ambien to help with sleeping conditions might be just what you need.

Long after you stop taking Ambien, exercising regularly will keep your body functioning optimally so you are able to get the sleep you need without interference from possible internal problems.

Avoid resting during the day unless needed

Some people are lucky enough to have the luxury of taking a small nap during the day. Taking this small nap might be contributing to you having difficulty getting a proper night’s sleep though. If you are taking Ambien specifically you will definitely want to avoid taking a nap during the day.

You want to establish a time schedule so your biological clock lines up properly. Taking a nap can throw everything off, in fact scientists have observed that daytime sleep does not show the same brainwave patterns as night sleep does.

Get up at about the same time everyday

Before you start taking Ambien it is going to be important for you to establish a sleeping routine. You want to get up at about the same time every day and get to bed at about the same time every night. This will help you greatly long after you stop taking the drug. Even if you do not fall asleep right away when you lay down, establish a routine. A regular sleeping and rising pattern contributes to healthy sleep.

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