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Lunesta vs Nuvigil

If you suffer from a serious sleeping problem or you have a problem with keeping yourself awake during the day, then you need to take measures to resolve these problems before they become overwhelming. Taking medication is an option, and two effective ones would be Lunesta and Nuvigil. Each of these serves a different purpose. Here’s a brief description of these.


Lunesta is also called Eszopiclone. It works as a sedative and is a form of hypnotic. It works by impacting different chemicals inside the brain that for some reason are out of balance in people with serious sleeping problems like insomnia.


Nuvigil also goes by the name Armodafinil. It’s a medication that’s designed to promote wakefulness. When used properly it’s able to treat sleepiness problems brought on by sleep apnea, narcolepsy or shift work sleep disorder.

So which medication is better, Lunesta or Nuvigil?

There are all sorts of ways to compare these two medications. You can go based off of which one you think works best or the one you feel has the least chance of causing serious side effects. But one thing that should really be focused on is which one is more economical to use over the long run. Now when it comes to medications such as Lunesta or Nuvigil these are very popular. Because of this you can expect them to cost a nice sum to get. Even with insurance the cost can be high. There are only two ways to get the cost down for either of these.

The first option is for you to decide to purchase either of these in generic form. Generic versions tend to be less, but in some cases they don’t tend to work as well as their brand name counterparts. Plus, generics aren’t as cheap as they used to be. In some cases the savings are only minimal. The second option would be for you to go with a different option altogether that’s designed to do for you the same thing either of these drugs can do.

If you don’t like either of these options, then you have to focus on which one of these is more affordable. Lunesta had a heavy advertising campaign thrown behind it. Nuvigil is lesser known, which means the makers have less money to recoup on the backend as a result of such extensive marketing. On the other hand, heavy marketing also can mean heavier research invested on the front end, which can be a good thing. It can mean less side effect possibilities.

Of course both of these drugs are designed to do different things. Nuvigil has a smart effect because it can help people focus better and as a result be more productive. Lunesta can help with sleep, which will lead to more energy the next day, which of course means increased clarity and focus. Lunesta is the better known option though and is more costly, but in the right dosage and with the right discount the cost can be greatly reduced.

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