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Lunesta vs Provigil

If you suffer from a serious sleeping problem such as insomnia, then it can cripple your ability to have the energy you need to be affective throughout the course of a day. The same goes for a person who might suffer from wakefulness problems. Low energy and fatigue are common in this case. Two medications offer help in this regard, these would be Lunesta and Provigil. Below is a short description of what each of these drugs are and what they can do.


Lunesta is the brand name version of a medication called Eszopiclone. It works as a sedative and is called a hypnotic. It’s able to impact different chemicals in the brain that can be badly balanced in people suffering from sleeping problems such as insomnia. It creates a deep relaxation feeling which leads to sleep.


Provigil is a brand name for the base drug Modafinil. It’s a medication that’s designed to treat people who have problems staying awake. It works by changing natural chemicals in the brain (neurotransmitters) that can be having problems or be out of balance. Sleepiness problems such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder are treated.

Which one of these medications is right for you, Lunesta or Provigil?

One thing that a lot of people like to base a choice on when it comes to a lot of things is how popular something is. But one thing that needs to be focused on if you’re trying to compare Lunesta and Provigil is where they are popular. This is important for you to understand as it will help you to determine if something is truly effective or whether its popularity is based on something else. Here’s is what you should look for:

What specific regions of the world is Lunesta or Provigil the most popular in or the most used in? Yes, at first it might seem like a drug is heavily prescribed in certain regions of the world because a lot of people might have that condition, but sometimes this isn’t the case. In certain areas of the world options might be limited or the cost might defer to a point where it’s more accessible. This is a heavy influencer. You want either of these to be preferred by doctors to prescribe because they work well, nothing else.

What is the popularity driven by? In a lot of cases the companies that make drugs such as Lunesta or Provigil invest a lot of money into marketing. In certain parts of the world they don’t have to do this. For instance, in America you might see several ads on television during the course of a football game advertising medications. You don’t want a certain drugs mass use to be driven by marketing and hype, but by the unbiased, objective opinion of the doctors who would choose them for their patients in place of another option.

Lunesta and Provigil work well, when compared to each other though Lunesta seems to be more popular. However, Provigil isn’t as heavily advertised and certainly not in certain parts of the world. So marketing can be the reason for Lunesta’s popularity, especially in first world countries.

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