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Phentermine vs Meridia

Weight loss is a struggle for millions of people, which is why using an effective appetite suppressant can be an effective means to help in the process of reducing it. Two primary prescription options exist, Phentermine and Meridia. Below is a short description of each option.


Phentermine is a form of stimulant that works as an amphetamine. When used it’s able to suppress a person’s appetite due to its ability to impact the central nervous system. When used the right way with the proper diet and exercise routine it can help to treat obesity. This will help those who are at high risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes problems.


Meridia is able to impact chemicals inside the brain that affect weight maintenance. When used alongside a good diet and exercise routine it can treat obesity caused by diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure problems.

Which one of these medications is the best option for you Meridia or Phentermine?

Both of these medications are very effective at what they do, but this doesn’t mean that either one is actually better than the other. Specific factors have to be look at in order to understand which one is the better option for you. The main comparison people should focus on in the beginning is just how convenient or easy will it be to gain access to either of these. Some things potential users can look at are as follows:

How hard is it going to be to find the drug? Certain medications aren’t easily available where you might be and you might find that you have to wait a long time to get it or jump through additional hoops. Also, for those who might have a problem using the internet as a source to fill a prescription for Meridia or Phentermine might have a hard time.

Which drug is going to available regularly? You need to take a good look at which of these drugs offer the best chance for you to have steady access to them. Certain drugs such as Meridia can be tough to find in some places, and even if you do you might not be able to get a prescription filled regularly for it. Using the internet as an option can once again serve as a valuable tool.

Which drug do pharmacies carry most likely? There are some pharmacies (especially if you rely solely on the offline route) that simply don’t carry certain medications. This means even if you decided that you wanted to use one option over the other your local pharmacy or those close to you might not carry them and wouldn’t carry them even if you asked them to.

Phentermine and Meridia are both tough to get filled offline and Meridia is even tougher. Because of this Phentermine might be a better option as it’s just as effective at what it does. You’ll want convenience when it comes to getting a prescription filled and if that’s the primary goal Phentermine might offer a slight advantage over Meridia.

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