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Generic Name: phentermine


Brand Names: Abana


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Abana is an all-natural medication that works preventing heart-related disorders. The herbal formula of the remedy decreases the heart sensitivity to adrenergic stimulation. As a result of potential influence of the medication on the organism, Abana has been approved to be an effective and safe cardioprotective.


The exclusive composition of the medication includes chebulic myrobalan, Bishop’s weed, Persian rose, spreading hogweed, licorice, thistles, Indian bedellium and a range of other herbs that boost the desirable effect.


Recommendations for Safe Abana Administration


Abana is the medication that is sold over-the-counter. However, to achieve positive results and experience no dangerous complications, a patient should consult a healthcare provider first. A properly selected dose and optimal duration of the therapy are inevitable components of Abana therapy. Never increase or decrease the prescribed dose, since you risk getting harmful reactions and undesirable side effects.


Despite the treatment is 100% natural and consists of herbal ingredients only, it should be administered in accordance with strict regulations and specifications. Abana dose will be individually prescribed based on the patient’s condition, his/her overall health state and other factors. Most commonly patients are advised to use 2 pills twice a day, even though the dose may vary. Your healthcare provider may request frequent medical tests during Abana therapy in order to track the progress of the therapy.


Abana and Safety Issues: Contraindications, Precautions and Warnings


Talk to your healthcare provider primarily to Abana therapy. Irrespective of the herbal composition, the treatment is contraindicated for several groups of patients, including the ones, who:


Are allergic to any of its ingredients;
Are pregnant or breastfeeding;
Have severe health problems, etc.


Additionally, it is inevitable to inform your doctor about all the other health impairments and complications, since some of them may still interact with Abana leading to significant changes in the action.


Abana Interactions with Other Drugs and Possible Consequences


Aiming to get dependable protection from potential cardio disorders, a patient should take into account all the factors that may influence the therapy. The most peculiar feature of Abana is a completely natural composition that seems to be safe. However, the medication can sometimes interact with other drugs, leading to undesirable reactions and complications.


Abana misuse or overuse still bears definite risks. Seek emergency medical help if the medication administration resulted in allergic reactions (breathing issues, headaches, hives, itching, etc.) or other side effects, including:


Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
Skin rash and others.


Despite the complications are rare, call your doctor immediately in case any of them have appeared after the drug intake.


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