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Generic Name: perindopril (per IN doe pril)


Brand Names: Aceon


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Aceon belongs to a group of angiotensin converting enzymes that promote a powerful impact on the organism, peculiarly on its vital features, such as blood circulation and heart functioning.


Perindopril, the active ingredient of the drug, accelerates the impact and advances the desirable effect. Interfering with important body processes, Aceon is prescribed as a hypertension treatment. Additionally, patients with coronary artery disease use the medication to prevent possible heart attacks. Ask your doctor about other Aceon uses that are not listed in the safety guide.


Recommendations for Proper Aceon Intake


Follow the doctor’s instructions and related safety directions in case you want to experience positive Aceon reactions and witness no side effects. Your healthcare provider will adjust proper dose and other peculiarities of the treatment course suiting your health condition. Never use the drug in higher or lower doses, otherwise, you risk getting undesirable outcomes.


Aceon is for regular use, so it should be administered orally every day. It is preferable to take the medication at around the same time each day. Consume much water during Aceon therapy to keep the body function properly. Aceon may be used with or without food. Frequent blood pressure checks may be required in order to track the progress of the therapy. Keep taking the drug for the full length of the prescribed course, as hypertension usually has no signs. Thus, to completely recover from the issues you need to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations.


Do not skip doses, as it can decrease the overall effectiveness of the therapy. Taking extra pills will lead to overdose with related complications.


Safety Issues: Warnings, Contraindications and Precautions


Talk to your doctor primarily to the beginning of Aceon therapy to investigate on the safety level of the drug in your exact case. The medication should not be administered by patients, who are allergic to Perindopril, other components of the treatment or similar ACE inhibitors. Additionally, pregnant and breastfeeding women are not expected to use Aceonfor their own safety. Do not combine the drug with Aliskiren medications if you are diagnosed with diabetes or kidney dysfunction. Warn your doctor about accompanying health complications you have, especially:


Liver disease;
Kidney disorder;
Connective tissue disease;
Congestive heart failure and others.


Aceon Interactions with Other Drugs and Possible Consequences


Certain medications may also interact with Aceon causing significant decrease in the drug effectiveness or even triggering devastating side effects. Thus, tell your doctor about all the other pharmaceuticals you are using, mentioning:


Arthritis medications;
Potassium supplements and others.


Call your doctor if Aceon administration resulted in one or a few side effects or abnormalities, including:


Allergic reactions;
Urination impairments;
Potassium imbalances, etc.


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