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Acivir Pills

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Acivir serves a powerful remedy against dangerous viral infections. The treatment decreases the growth and expansion of the virus, providing the immune system with time to treat the infection. Acyclovir, as an active ingredient of the treatment, is classified as a synthetic nucleoside analogue that is effective against numerous diseases, especially:


Cold sores;
Chickenpox and others.


Besides, the medication can be used in other conditions that are not listed in the safety guide. Such therapy requires ultimate doctor’s inspection and care.


Recommendations for Acivir Use


Acivir pills produce a drastic influence on vital body functions. Consequently, the treatment should be administered with high concern, considering all the possible side effects and adverse reactions. Follow the prescription of your healthcare provider to make the treatment course safe. On average, the treatment is prescribed for regular use 2-5 times a day during 5-10 days. The duration and strength of the drug will depend on numerous factors, including severity of the condition, overall health state and other peculiarities. In order to prevent possible upset stomach, the treatment should be administered with little food and plenty of water.


Never change the adjusted dose for better results, unless your physician orders so. Acivir pills misuse can lead to dangerous side effects. It is important to start the treatment course the moment you have noticed any complications or symptoms of the condition. Besides, it is vital to undergo the full length of the medication course, as the symptoms may disappear earlier than the problem. Once you have missed a dose, never replace it by a double dose. Better skip the dose rather than increase the following one.


Acivir Safety Peculiarities: Contraindications, Precautions, Warnings


Before you start Acivir intake, consult your healthcare provider and make sure you can get an effective and successful treatment. The treatment should not be taken by several categories of patients, including the ones who:


Are allergic to the ingredients of the drug;
Are pregnant or breastfeeding;
Are using other pharmaceuticals that may interact with Acivir;
Have a weak immune system or kidney disorders.


Inform your physician about all the illnesses you have in order to get proper dose adjustment and recommendations for use.

Possible Acivir Side Effects


Despite Acivir is considered to be safe and effective, it can lead to numerous side effects, including:


Stomach disorders, nausea, vomiting, pain, etc.;
Fatigue and weariness;
Drowsiness, dizziness and so on.


Such minor complications will fade away after a few Acivir intakes, while more severe reactions require professional medical assistance. Among more dangerous side effects are:


Speech problems;
Unusual bleeding;
Sudden behavior and mood changes;
Vision impairments and others.


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