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Generic Name: calcium carbonate and risedronate (KAL see um KAR bo nate and rye SED roe nate)


Brand Names: Actonel with Calcium


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Actonel is a popular medication taken to treat and prevent specific types of bone loss or osteoporosis in adult patients. These conditions cause bones to be thinner and break with ease. A possibility to have them increases as people age, when taking corticosteroid meds for a long time, or after a menopause. Basically, Actonel works by slowing down bone loss and helping users maintain stronger bones and decrease a possibility to have bone fractures. This medication belongs to a group of drugs called bisphosphonates.

Basic Rules of Its Correct Intake


Follow the necessary instructions quite closely to ensure that your body absorbs as much of this medication as possible. It also reduces a possible risk of injures to the esophagus. Actonel should be taken orally, and most patients do it only once a day. Take your daily dose right after getting up and before your breakfast. It’s not advisable to use this medicine at bedtime and while patients are in the bed. It’s necessary to drink enough water when taking your dose, but don’t take Actonel with any beverages. Stand upright for about 30 minutes, because doctors don’t recommend to lie down. Wait for about 30 minutes after its intake before you drink or anything.


Unwanted Actonel Side Effects


There are some unwanted symptoms that can be caused by this medicine, including:


Upset stomach and allergic reactions;
Unusual or new groin, hip, and thigh pain;
Severe or increased joint, bone, and muscle pain;
Eye and vision problems and jaw pain;
Worsening, new or severe heartburn and chest pain;
Painful or difficult swallowing;
Black or tarry stools;
Severe stomach pain and vomiting with coffee grounds.


These symptoms are very rare, and you need to report them to your doctor instantly. In rare cases, the intake of Actonel may also lead to stomach ulcers and irritation.


Basic Precautions when Taking Actonel


Before you start this treatment, visit doctors to discuss possible contraindications, especially if you have any allergies. They need to know your medical history, especially different esophagus problems, painful or difficult swallowing, inability to stand and sit upright for 30 minutes, low blood calcium levels, intestinal and stomach disorders, kidney problems, etc. Women who are pregnant or want to get pregnant should be cautious with this medication. In rare cases, Actonel may lead to severe jawbone issues, and such factors as specific dental procedures and improper dental hygiene contribute to this condition.


Finally, don’t use this medication with such drugs as antacids, iron and calcium vitamins, minerals and supplements, dairy products, calcium-enriched juice, sucralfate and some others because of possible interactions. They lead to increased risk of having severe side effects and reduced effectiveness of these medications. Make their full list and show it to your physician to stay on a safe side.


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