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Actoplus Met

Generic Name: metformin and pioglitazone (met FOR min and PYE o GLI ta zone)


Brand Names: Actoplus Met, Actoplus Met XR


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What to Do Before and While Taking Actoplus Met


Actoplus Met is a medication that contains a combination of such active ingredients as pioglitazone and metformin. Both of them are diabetes meds that help many patients control their blood sugar levels. It means that Actoplus Met is taken by patients with diabetes who don’t want or can’t use insulin injections every day.


Cases When Actoplus Met Is Not Recommended


It’s not allowed to use this medication if people have kidney problems, heart failure, metabolic acidosis, bladder cancer and some other serious health conditions. This treatment may worsen or cause congestive heart failure, so you need to call doctors right after noticing such symptoms as swelling, sudden weight gain and shortness of breath. Besides, if you must undergo CT scanning or X-ray, it’s necessary to stop taking Actoplus Met. Some patients end up with lactic acidosis when using this medication, so you need to get emergency medical help once you develop such symptoms as trouble breathing, muscle weakness or pain, severe nausea, dizziness, slow heartrates, etc.


Precautions before Starting This Treatment


Patients are not advised to use Actoplus Met if they have any allergic reactions to similar drugs. Besides, this medicine is not suitable if you have the above-mentioned health conditions. To ensure that it’s safe for you, you need to inform doctors about heart attacks, bladder cancer, liver and kidney diseases and fluid retention. Patients who are over 80 years old should be quite careful with its intake, and Actoplus Met isn’t intended to be used by children.


Basic Tips on Effective Uses


It’s advisable to use this medicine with regular meals to avoid different gastrointestinal side effects, and most patients take only one tablet a day. They all need to check their blood sugar levels on a regular basis. Most doctors prescribe their patients to take 15 mg once a day to treat diabetes, and this dosage can be increased gradually when needed.

Possible Actoplus Met Side Effects


There are certain adverse effects caused by this medication, and the most common ones include:


Sudden weight gain and edema;
Dental diseases and allergies;
Pharyngitis and reduced concentration of vitamin B12.


However, most of these symptoms are rare and mild, but if any of them get worse, you should report it to your physician. Only a few patients taking Actoplus Met may end up with such severe side effects as:


Painful, difficult, and burning urination;
Bladder pain and urine;
Back pain and severe swelling;
Frequent urge to urinate and pale skin;
Unusual weakness and tiredness;
Blurred vision and anxiety;
Cold sweats and chills;
Coma and confusion;
Loss of appetite and depression;
Fast heartbeats and migraines;
Tremor and seizures;
Muscle cramps and slurred speech.


If you experience any of the above-mentioned side effects, it’s necessary to stop taking Actoplus Met and go to the hospital immediately because of possible health risks.


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