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Generic Name: pioglitazone (oral) (PYE o GLIT a zone)


Brand Names: Actos


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Actos is classified as an oral diabetes medication. The active component of the drug, Pioglitazone, affects the organism and stimulates balanced blood sugar levels. With the potential impact on the body and its functions, Actos is generally prescribed to people affected by type 2 diabetes. The drug can be administered off-label for other conditions, not mentioned in the guide. Though, Actos will not treat type 1 diabetes.


Key Facts to Consider before Actos Therapy: Contraindications and Warnings


Consult your healthcare provider before you start Actos therapy. Your doctor will help you with the primary settings and features of the treatment course. Inform the physician about other complications and diagnoses you have, since some of them may interact with the remedy, either significantly worsening the overall health state or activating devastating side effects. Patients, who are sensitive to Pioglitazone or other ingredients of the medication, should eliminate its intake. Due to possible negative Actos influence on an unborn or nursing child, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid its use or at least consult the doctor beforehand.


Tell your doctor about the following illnesses, health disorders and peculiarities if you have any of them, especially:


Uncontrolled heart failure;
Diabetic ketoacidosis;
Bladder cancer;
Fluid retention;
Stroke, heart attack or their history;
Heart-related disorders;
Liver issues, etc.


Keep in mind that Actos may stimulate the development of severe conditions, such as heart problems and others. That is why frequent medical tests may be required during Actos therapy to guarantee a positive impact of the drug and no harmful reactions. Never give the medication to people under 18 years old.

Actos with Other Remedies


Several groups of pharmaceuticals may interact with Actos triggering dangerous side effects. Make sure your healthcare provider is aware of all the prescription and OTC remedies, herbal products, minerals and other pharmaceutical supplements you are currently using. Pay ultimate attention to:


Similar diabetes treatments;
Gemfibrozil and others.

How to Use Actos and Benefit from Achieved Effect


Follow the instructions to experience fast and durable diabetes treatment. Never increase or decrease the dose or length of the therapy. Actos should be administered on a daily basis, once a day. A patient may use the drug with or without food. Check your blood sugar levels often, since Actos may lead to dangerously low levels that will activate other complications.


To achieve the maximal possible results, Actos should be used regularly in the correct dose and for the whole duration of the prescribed therapy. The average Actos dose ranges from 15 mg to 30 mg depending on multiple factors.


Actos Misuse and Its Consequences


Contact your healthcare specialist in case you have got any reactions or side effects after Actos intake. The nastiest ones include:


Allergic reactions;
Breathing disorders;
Reasonless weight gain;
Vision impairments and others.


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