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Generic Name: albendazole (al BEN da zole)


Brand Names: Albenza


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Albendazole is classified as an anthelmintic treatment. This anti-worm remedy warns the growth and development of newly occurred insect worms. The medication has been successfully used to eliminate the symptoms of various infections provoked by worms, especially dog tapeworm and pork tapeworm. Moreover, Albendazole can be used to improve other conditions, not mentioned in the safety leaflet. Such off-label drug uses presuppose doctor’s inspection and guide.


How to Use Albendazole Safely: Contraindications and Precautions


Turn your Albendazole treatment course into a beneficial issue simply following the recommendations and safety directions. Consult your physician before you use the medication. The therapy should not be started by people who are sensitive to the ingredients of the treatment or related medications. Certain health problems may decrease the positive impact produced by Albendazole decreasing its effectiveness. Make sure your healthcare provider knows about all the illnesses and impairments you have, especially:


Bone marrow suppression;
Liver disorder;
Heart complications and others.


Pregnant women should not use it during pregnancy as it can potentially harm an unborn child stimulating the occurrence of unwanted reactions. Additionally, breastfeeding women should also avoid Albendazole intake, as its components may pass into the milk and destroy the health of a nursing child.


Various prescription and non-prescription treatments may affect the success of Albendazole course. It is essential to provide the doctor with all the details of other medications, pharmaceutical supplements and even herbal products you are using in order to get proper dose adjustment.


Taking the Drug Properly: Recommendations for Use and Doses


Following the prescription and safety instructions, you will definitely benefit from effective Albendazole treatment course. It is prohibited to change the adjusted dose and other therapy peculiarities. Albendazole should be administered with food. It is important to take the treatment for the full length of prescribed course, since the symptoms may disappear earlier than the infection is cleared from the organism. The medication features an ability to weaken the immune system. Make blood tests and liver checks frequently to make sure Albendazole is not harmful.


Provide your doctor with detailed information about the severity of your symptoms, accompanied health problems and other issues that may affect the treatment course. An average Albendazole dose will depend on numerous factors and vary from 400 mg to 800 mg daily. Divide the dose in numerous intakes and administer it for the prescribed time.


Medication Misuse with Related Consequences


If you have misused the treatment, you will definitely experience its side effects, including:


Allergic reactions;
Symptoms of bone marrow suppression;
Liver disorders;
Nausea, vomiting and other stomach impairments;
Dizziness and others.


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