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Generic Name: allopurinol (al oh PURE i nole)


Brand Names: Zyloprim, Lopurin, Aloprim


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Allopurinol belongs to medications that affect uric acid production in the body. Despite the exact mechanism of action is not known, the treatment features a potential effect and high safety level. As a result of Allopurinol administration, patients can prevent kidney stones and gout. Additionally, the remedy is frequently prescribed to patients, who need a considerable decrease in the level of uric acid, especially during cancer treatment. Besides, the medication can be used in other cases, but only after the doctor’s approval.


Achieving Ultimate Results from Proper Allopurinol Intake


Taking Allopurinol in accordance with doctor’s prescription and guideline of safety instructions is the first step to an effective and successful therapy. The medication should be administered orally, on a daily basis. Skipping doses may lead to a decreased effect, so you should take the missed dose the first available moment. However, never increase or double Allopurinol dose, otherwise, you may experience devastating consequences of drug misuse. If the following scheduled dose should be administered soon, you should never take the missed one with it, but better skip one.


While Allopurinol dose is prescribed by a healthcare provider based on such factors as condition, its severity, general health state, etc., the most common dose is 100 mg taken once daily. Your doctor may occasionally diversify it, depending on individual body response to the medication. Allopurinol should be used with or without food, but definitely with water. Frequent medical tests are required for patients who undergo the treatment course with this medication.


Allopurinol Contraindications, Precautions and Related Considerations


To make sure Allopurinol is safe for your health, you should discuss its intake with the doctor. Patients, who are allergic to the ingredients of the treatment, should not use the medicine. Additionally, pregnant and breastfeeding women should eliminate Allopurinol use due to the high risk of side effects occurrence. Warn your healthcare provider about other impairments you have, especially:


Liver or kidney diseases;
Congestive heart failure;
High blood pressure;
Diabetes, etc.


How to Combine Allopurinol with Other Drugs and Stay Safe


Your doctor should also be aware of other pharmaceuticals you are currently taking, since some of them may interact with Allopurinol causing severe health complications. Pay ultimate attention to:


Water pills;
Blood thinners;
Chlorpropamide and others.


Allopurinol Reactions and Misuse Consequences


Call your doctor in case Allopurinol intake has triggered any abnormalities or health disorders. Seek immediate medical help after getting allergic reactions. The most frequently reported Allopurinol side effects are:


Joint pain;
Abnormal bleeding;
Muscle pain;
Urination disorders;
Sore throat, fever and other flu or cold signs.


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