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Generic Name: amantadine (a MAN ta deen)


Brand Names: Symmetrel


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Amantadine serves an effective antiviral treatment that contains a potent active ingredient, which blocks the virus influence on the organism. Generally, Amantadine is used to prevent and treat viral infections called influenza A. Despite the medication will not be effective during each flu season, it is widely spread among patients. In addition, Amantadine is an ultimate treatment of Parkinson’s disease and similar symptoms, including shaking and stiffness that are usually provoked by the intake of various pharmaceuticals. The medication can be administered for other purposes that are not mentioned in the safety leaflet. However, it is inevitable to consult a healthcare specialist primarily to off-label Amantadine use.


Key Safety Concerns for Amantadine Intake: Precautions and Contraindications


Do not start the medication course if you have not consulted your doctor. Following the prescription of your physician and safety directions guarantees an effective and safe treatment course. On the other hand, to keep safe, some groups of people should avoid Amantadine use. They include people, who:


Are sensitive to Amantadine ingredients;
Have received vaccine within the last two weeks;
Are pregnant or breastfeeding;
Are younger than 1 year old.


Additionally, to ensure a completely safe therapy, one should also provide a doctor with vital information considering health problems he/she has, medications he/she has taken and other features that may affect the route of the treatment course. Special dose adjustments are required for patients with underlying illnesses, such as:


Liver or kidney disorders;
Congestive heart failure;
Uncontrolled low blood pressure;
Mental disorders;
Alcohol or drug addiction;
Seizure issues and others.


Recommendations for Use, Doses and Related Instructions for Amantadine Therapy


Talk to your healthcare provider and start the medication course the moment you have noticed the first symptoms of infection. Regular drug intake helps to overcome the condition faster. It is advised to start the drug intake within 1-2 days after the occurrence of flu symptoms. Administer Amantadine in accordance with prescribed instructions. The adjusted dose should never be changed without doctor’s permission. An average Amantadine dose ranges from 100 mg to 200 mg daily, divided into two intakes.

Possible Complications and Drug Reactions


Amantadine is a powerful medication that can provide the necessary positive impact and stimulate the appearance of undesirable reactions (if misused). Among its common side effects are:


Insomnia and others.


However, the medication misuse may activate more dangerous reactions, such as:


Complicated urination;
Breathing issues;
Reasonless and sudden mood or behavior changes;
Reactions of the central nervous system;
Seizures and others.


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