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Generic Name: anastrozole (an AS troe zole)

Brand Names: Arimidex


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Arimidex is an innovative remedy to eliminate the symptoms of breast cancer, especially in postmenstrual women. The composition of the drug contains Anastrozole, as an active ingredient, decreasing the estrogen level that affects the growth of breast tumors. Since certain types of tumors require estrogen for development and expansion, Arimidex helps to prevent these processes, stimulating significant condition improvement. The treatment is usually prescribed to patients, whose cancer kept progressing even during Tamoxifen therapy. Additionally, the treatment can be administered for other instances, not listed in the safety guide.


Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions for Arimidex Administration


Do not start the medication use, unless you have consulted your doctor. The medication should be taken with exceptional caution in order to benefit from its positive outcomes and eliminate unwanted reactions. Do not use Arimidex if you are in the stage of menopause, though have not finished it. Besides, keep in mind that the drug is for female use only; no men and children are allowed to take the treatment. Patients allergic to any components of the treatment are contraindicated for its intake. Additionally, your healthcare provider should be aware of related health impairments and bothersome symptoms you have, especially:


Abnormal cholesterol level;
Circulation issues;
Heart-related problems;
Dangerous liver or kidney disorders and others.


The drug may interfere with the health of an unborn and nursing child, so it should never be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Despite the fact that postmenstrual women cannot get pregnant, you need to use effective birth control pills during the treatment course.


Using the Medication Effectively: Recommendations and Related Issues


Ask your healthcare specialist about instructions for safe Arimidex use. Administer the remedy in the exact dose and according to other specifications suiting your health condition, age, severity of the disorder and other factors. The treatment can be used with or without food. Take Arimidex in accordance with the prescribed schedule to get the maximal advantage. The therapy can last for up to 5 years until your condition gets balanced. Never change Arimidex dose, length of the course or other adjustments irrespective of the situation. Report any complications to your healthcare specialist, since he/she is the one to diversify the treatment course.


Arimidex Interactions and Side Effects


Arimidex may interact with other treatments, leading to aggravating side effects. Thus, your doctor should have a complete list of drugs you are taking, Combining Arimidex with other pharmaceuticals without doctor’s approval, you risk getting severe side effects and adverse reactions, such as:


Allergic reactions;
Breathing issues;
Skin reactions;
Symptoms of liver disorders;
Signs of stroke, etc.


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