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Generic Name: aspirin (oral) (AS pir in)

Brand Names: Arthritis Pain, Ascriptin, Aspir 81, Aspir-Low, Bayer Childrens Aspirin, Bufferin Low Dose, Durlaza, Ecotrin, Ecpirin, Fasprin, Halfprin, Miniprin


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Aspirin belongs to a group of salicylates that promote a powerful impact on the organism, decreasing the amounts of body substances associated with inflammation, pain and fever. Generally, the remedy is used to reduce these symptoms and balance the overall health condition of the patient. In addition, Aspirin can be taken in order to prevent or treat stroke, angina, heart attack and related disorders. Improve cardiovascular conditions with Aspirin only in case your doctor recommended you to. Ask your medical provider about other Aspirin uses.


Issue to Discuss with the Doctor


Talk to your healthcare specialist primarily to Aspirin administration. The drug misuse or overuse can trigger fatal side effects. So, it is essential to ensure a completely flawless treatment course before its beginning. Do not start the drug intake in case you are sensitive to Aspirin ingredients. Additionally, patients with serious health impairments should avoid the drug use, especially:


Dangerous allergic reactions or asthma attacks from Aspirin or NSAID intake;
Intestinal bleeding and others.


Severe life-threatening conditions, including Reye’s syndrome, may appear in children when taking Aspirin. Do not give the medication to children and teens with the symptoms of chicken pox, flu and fever. To get the desirable effect without any damage to the overall health condition, a patient should also inform the doctor about other illnesses and health disorders he/she has, paying exceptional attention to:


Kidney or liver disorders;
Seasonal allergies;
High blood pressure;
Hearing impairments;
Blood clotting disorders;
Stomach ulcers;
Gout and others.


Safe and Effective Intake: Recommendations and Doses


Administer Aspirin in the exact dose and for the exact duration prescribed by the doctor. Changing the adjustments you risk getting dangerous complications and misuse side effects. The medication can be used with or without food, based on the stomach reaction to Aspirin components. Despite the medication dose will differ depending on the treated condition, its severity and the general health state of the patient, the most common Aspirin dose is 3 g divided into doses.


Taking Aspirin with Other Medications


Discussing Aspirin intake with your doctor, do not forget to mention other prescription and non-prescription drugs you are using, since some of them may cause aggravating side effects, if taken together with Aspirin. Never combine the salicylate with:


Blood thinners;
Similar salicylates and a range of other medications.


Misuse Consequences and Dangerous Aspirin Side Effects


Severe allergic reactions and dangerous complications may be activated by Aspirin misuse. Call your doctor if the drug use resulted in serious disorders, especially:


Severe stomach pain, nausea, vomiting;
Hallucinations, ringing in the ears, confusion;
Long-lasting fever;
Serious heartburn, etc.


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