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Generic Name: azelastine nasal (a ZEL uh steen)


Brand Names: Astelin, Astepro


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Astelin is a medication, which reduces histamine effects in a human’s body. Histamine produces the following symptoms:


Runny nose;
Watery eyes;


Astelin nasal spray will help you prevent all the above mentioned symptoms. The medication is recommended for use during seasonal allergies and can be prescribed for other purposes not mentioned here.


Important Facts


Astelin can easily impair your reaction and thinking abilities. It’s recommended to be very attentive while driving or performing any activities that require attention. If you are currently taking sedatives, sleeping pills, cold drugs, other allergy medications, tell your healthcare specialist about it. Taking Astelin can add to more sleepiness in such a case.


It’s recommended to avoid drinking alcohol, as it may enhance certain side effects. If you see no improvement with symptoms and they get worse, call your doctor without any hesitation. If you have abrupt and uneven fast heartbeat, chest tightness or shortness of breath, contact your healthcare provider immediately.


Before Taking Astelin


If you have an allergy to azelastine, you should not use the medication. To make sure the spray is safe for you, inform your doctor about all the possible health conditions that bother you.


It’s unknown whether the medicine is able to harm the fetus or if it passes into the breast milk and, thus, becomes harmful for a nursing baby. The medication belongs to category C pregnancy medications, which means that the drug’s research on animals showed adverse effects on the fetus when mother took the medication. Moreover, there is a lack of studies on humans to be certain about the drug’s effects on the fetus.


How to Take It


The spray should be used in the same way your doctor has prescribed. Do not forget to follow all the recommendations on your prescription label. Do not enhance or reduce the amounts of the medication, or take it longer than it was indicated.


To use the spray, you should do the following:


Start blowing gently with a nose. While keeping the head upright, insert one tip of a bottle into your nostril. Press the second nostril with a finger. Breathe in and spray the medication right into a nose. Use the spray into the second nostril the same way;
Do not blow your nose several minutes after using the spray;
If the spray gets into your mouth, eyes or onto the skin, rinse it with water;
If the spray hasn’t been used for 3 days, take it and make 6 sprays until you get a fine mist.


Do not let your children use Astelin by themselves.


Side Effects


Common side effects include:


Stuffy nose;
Sore throat;
Ear infection;
Skin rash.


Drug Interactions


Astelin may interact with a number of other medications, including vitamins and herbal supplements. This interaction can change the way this spray works. To avoid all possible interactions, tell your doctor about all the medications you are currently taking. Certainly, mention other anti-fungal and stomach acid medications, if any.


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