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Generic Name: hydroxyzine (hye DROX ee zeen)


Brand Names: Atarax


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Atarax is an effective treatment that affects the central nervous system decreasing its activity. The active ingredient of the remedy, Hydroxynize, also works reducing the amounts of natural body substances that stimulate the occurrence of inflammation symptoms, such as hives, runny nose, sneezing and others. As a result, Atarax is commonly used to treat tension, anxiety, allergic reactions and other skin conditions. In addition, the treatment can be combined with other drugs for anesthetic effect. Certain other Atarax uses are possible, but they still require doctor’s prescription.


Safe Atarax Intake: Precautions, Contraindications and Warnings


Talk to your healthcare provider before Atarax treatment course to make sure you can expect positive results without any adverse reactions. Do not start the therapy if you:


Are sensitive to Hydroxynize;
Are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Certain medical conditions may interact with Atarax changing its action. Tell your physician if you have any of these complications, including:


Seizure problems;
Liver or kidney dysfunctions;
Urination disorders;
Thyroid issues;
Intestinal or stomach disorders;
High blood pressure and others.


Recommendations for Atarax Use and Doses


Administer the remedy as prescribed by the doctor without any changes and extra adjustments. Your healthcare provider may occasionally diversify intake recommendations for a better Atarax effect. The medication should be used orally, with plenty of water. To achieve the maximal results, the treatment should be taken on a daily basis. Once you have missed a dose, you can either skip it or take it the first available moment. Nevertheless, even if you have missed a dose, never take extra one during the next scheduled intake.


Atarax dose will vary greatly, mainly depending on the treated condition and its severity. Thus, the average dose will range from 25 mg to 100 mg a day divided into several doses. Keep in mind that Atarax may impair your reaction, concentration and thinking. Do not fulfil any tasks requiring alertness and accuracy.


Atarax Misuse and Overuse: Side Effects and Adverse Reactions


Before you launch Atarax therapy, warn your doctor about the pharmaceuticals, medical supplements and herbal products you are using to prevent harmful interactions. Combining Atarax with such treatments as anxiety, depression drugs, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, allergy medicines, narcotic pain remedies and other medicines you will need special dose adjustments. Otherwise, you will either get no positive impact or experience devastating side effects.


Call your doctor in case you have noticed any abnormalities after Atarax administration, especially:


Drowsiness, dizziness;
Dry mouth;
Confusion, agitation, anxiety, etc.


Seek immediate medical help if the signs of allergic reactions have appeared and started bothering you.


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