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Generic Name: lorazepam (oral) (lor A ze pam)


Brand Names: Ativan


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Belonging to a group of benzodiazepines, the medication promotes a drastic impact on the brain chemicals and manages related disorders. The active component of the remedy, Lorazepam, influences other important body functions decreasing the symptoms of bothersome conditions. Ativan is commonly prescribed to patients, who are affected by anxiety disorders. Besides, the medication can be administered in a range of other health conditions.


Safety Instructions before Ativan Intake: Precautions, Contraindications and Warnings


Consult your healthcare provider about Ativan intake. Tell your doctor about all the other illnesses or dangerous conditions you have. It will help you eliminate the risk of possible interactions and side effects related to it. The treatment course should not be taken by patients who are younger than 18 years old or:


Are pregnant or breastfeeding, since the ingredients of the drug may affect the health of an unborn or nursing child;
Have myasthenia gravis or narrow angle glaucoma as Ativan treatment course may worsen the condition and lead to dangerous health impairments;
Are allergic to Lorazepam or other ingredients of the drug.


Besides, the medication intake should be discussed with the doctor by patients, who have accompanying health disorders, including:


Kidney or liver disorders;
Open-angle glaucoma;
Breathing problems;
Epilepsy, convulsions or similar seizure disorders;
Alcohol or drug addiction, etc.


These and other conditions may affect Ativan therapy eliminating its effect or triggering undesirable reactions.


Ativan with Other Pharmaceuticals


Certain pharmaceuticals, vitamins and herbal products may interfere with Ativan treatment course as well. As a result, it is inevitable to tell the healthcare provider about other drugs you take, paying exceptional attention to the following:


Seizure treatments;
Other anxiety medications;
Narcotic pain treatments;
Probenecid and others.


Beneficial Impact of Ativan Course: Uses, Doses and Possible Reactions


Proper adjustments and correct prescription are the key factors that influence the effectiveness of the treatment course. The medication should be administered according to the doctor’s recommendations and safety directions. Never change the adjustment, as Ativan misuse or overuse can lead to devastating complications.


As Ativan is a habit-forming drug, it should never be passed to other patients, even though they share the same symptoms. The treatment is for short-term use only, as its overuse can cause addiction, overdose and even death. Severe withdrawal reactions may appear if you stop Ativan use abruptly.


Despite the doses differ depending on individual peculiarities of every patient, an average advantageous dose is 2-3 mg 2-3 times a day. If overdose is suspected, call your healthcare provider and seek immediate medical assistance.


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