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Atorlip is an innovative medication, which is classified as a HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor that features a powerful action on the blood and its composition. The treatment works decreasing the amount of triglycerides and bad cholesterol in the organism. On the other hand, Atorlip increases the concentration of good cholesterol that stimulates faster recovery and eliminates devastating symptoms. Additionally, Atorlip can be used as a preventative remedy to warn heart-related complications triggered by increased cholesterol ranges. Ask your doctor about off-label Atorlip uses and their safety.

Recommendations for Atorlip Administration


Primarily to the therapy, a patient should see a doctor and make sure the treatment course will be completely safe and will not cause any complications. Following all the instructions and directions is halfway to a successful and fast recovery. Never change the adjusted dose or duration of the therapy, otherwise, you risk getting severe reactions and misuse side effects.


Keep in mind that Atorlip serves just a part of complete therapy, which also includes a low-fat diet, constant exercising and weight management measures. This way the medication can help patients, who are diagnosed with coronary heart disease, inherited high cholesterol, etc. Atorlip dose will be recommended by a healthcare provider, depending on the treated condition, its severity, general health of the patient and numerous other factors. Nevertheless, an average effective dose is 10 mg Atorlip taken daily. A patient should take the drug with water, either with the last meal of the day or in the evening.

Precautions, Contraindications and Warnings to Consider before Atorlip Intake


Consult your doctor before you start Atorlip treatment course. The medication produces a significant impact on the blood and interferes with multiple important body functions. Thus, it is inevitable to provide the doctor with detailed information about the overall health state, including all the other impairments, health issues and complications you have. Certain groups of patients are contraindicated for Atorlip intake. They include the ones, who are:


Sensitive to any components of the drug or similar treatments;
Pregnant or breastfeeding;
Diagnosed with active liver diseases, etc.

Atorlip and Other Drugs: Interactions and Side Effects


Atorlip should not be used together with other prescription or generic drugs, herbal products or pharmaceutical supplements without doctor’s permission. Atorlip interacts with numerous remedies, leading to unpleasant and disturbing side effects. These drugs include:


HIV/AIDS medications;
Health treatments;
Oral contraception and others.


Call your healthcare specialist in case you have got any serious complications after Atorlip use, especially:


Muscle aches;
Swollen joints.


Seek emergency medical care if the treatment course triggers allergic reactions.


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