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Generic Name: dutasteride (doo TAS ter ide)


Brand Names: Avodart


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Avodart is an effective medication taken by male patients to treat the annoying symptoms of BPH, and it works by decreasing the size of enlarged prostate. This effect helps men relieve different BPH symptoms, including the need to urinate urgently and frequently, weak stream and difficulty in starting a flow of urine, etc. The best part is that this medicine also helps men avoid the necessity to undergo special BPH surgeries. It’s not allowed to take Avodart to prevent prostate cancer, and its use may increase a serious form of this cancer in rare cases. This medication is not intended to be used by kids and women.


Unwanted Side Effects Caused by Avodart


Like other medications, Avodart may result in a set of unwanted symptoms, including:


Testicle swelling and pain;
Sexual issues, including reduced sexual drive and reduced amount of sperm;
Increased breast sizes;
Breast tenderness.


Sexual issues stop after discontinuing this treatment, and if any of these signs worsen or persist, you need to call your doctor instantly. Most patients who take Avodart don’t experience any annoying symptoms at all. When it comes to serious allergic reactions to its active and inactive ingredients, they are quite rare.


However, it’s necessary to get emergency medical help if you have such dangerous symptoms as:


Itching and swelling of your face, throat, and tongue;
Skin rash and difficulty breathing;
Severe dizziness and drowsiness.


Important Precautions when Using Avodart


Before men start taking this medicine, they need to visit their doctors and discuss possible precautions and contraindications. This step is a must if they have any possible allergies to Avodart or similar drugs and other serious medical conditions. Besides, it’s not allowed to donate your blood while undergoing this treatment and 6 months after stopping it. This precaution is set to prevent giving your blood to pregnant women and causing harm to their health. That’s because the intake of Avodart is dangerous to nursing and breastfeeding women because of its harm to newborn and breastfeeding babies. If men suspect overdosing this medicine, they need to contact a local poison-control center or their physician immediately. Overdosing is characterized by dangerous symptoms, such as difficulty breathing and passing out.


Possible Drug Interactions


The effects of some medications may change if you combine them with specific drugs and herbal supplements, thus, increasing the risk of having serious adverse effects. This means that Avodart shouldn’t be taken together with specific pharmaceutical products, because they may change the way it works in the human body. That’s why all men need to make a full list of other vitamins and minerals, over-the-counter and prescription pills that they’re taking and show it to their doctors before using Avodart. They are not allowed to change their doses without consulting doctors.


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