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Beconase AQ

Generic Name: beclomethasone nasal (BE kloe METH a sone)


Brand Names: Beconase AQ, Qnasl


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Among numerous steroids available in the pharmaceutical market, Beconase AQ serves one of the most demanded, since its active ingredients can significantly impact the amounts of body substances, stimulating inflammation occurrence. Decreasing their levels, the medication can easily reduce the symptoms of sneezing, congestion, runny nose and other complications provoked by year-round or seasonal allergies. Additionally, Beclomethasone can be used off-label for a range of other instances, not mentioned in the safety guide.


Using Beconase AQ for Maximal Effect


Take the medication in accordance with prescription and safety instructions, and you are guaranteed to benefit from its influence. An average Beconase AQ dose is 1-2 sprays into every nostril once a day. Increasing or decreasing the medication strength, you risk obtaining devastating side effects from the treatment misuse. Complete therapy may last for a few days. Keep taking the treatment for a complete length of the treatment course. Report the condition aggravation to your doctor. Frequent examinations and medical tests will be required in order to track the success of the medication course. Do not pass the medication to other patients without doctor’s permission.


Vital Information Doctor Should Know before Beconase AQ Treatment Course


Beconase AQ administration should be started only after doctor’s consultation and approval. Tell your physician about all the health complications you have, paying exceptional attention to:


  Cataract, glaucoma and other vision disorders;
 Ulcers and nose sores;
 Infectious diseases;
 Asthma and others.


Sick patients and the ones fighting infection should not take Beconase AQ before full recovery. The drug is contraindicated for patients under 6 years old.


Warnings, Interactions and Possible Beconase Adverse Reactions


Following the safety rules, you are sure to witness the best Beconase AQ results. However, any misuse or overuse of the treatment can launch undesirable reactions and harmful side effects. Thus, avoid getting the remedy in the eyes. Besides, keep in mind that any steroid treatment can lower the number of blood cells in the organism that decrease the ability to fight infection. Do not get close to sick people.


Beconase AQ should not be combined with various prescription and generic treatments. Before the beginning of the medication course, warn your healthcare provider about other pharmaceuticals you are using. Severe side effects may occur as a result of the remedy misuse or overuse. Seek emergency medical help if any signs of allergic reactions have appeared after Beconase AQ intake. Call your healthcare specialist if other bothersome and aggravating complications have occurred, especially:


 Infection symptoms;
 Vision disorders;
 Hormonal changes;
 Headache, fatigue, severe sneezing, etc.


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