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Generic Name: dicyclomine (dye SYE kloe meen)


Brand Names: Bentyl


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Bentyl is a medication used for treating a specific intestinal problem known as irritable bowel syndrome. It works by relieving the symptoms of intestinal and stomach cramping, and it slows down the natural movement of the gut, because its active ingredient relaxes muscles in intestines and stomach. Bentyl belongs to a group of meds called antispasmodics or anticholinergics, and it’s not intended to be used by babies because of risky side effects.


Basic Information about the Right Intake


You should take this medicine orally, usually 4 times a day, and each dose must be taken before your meals and at bedtime. To decrease the possible risk of side effects, doctors usually prescribe lower doses that can be gradually increased based on individual tolerance. The right dosage is based on such basic factors as your response, age and some others. When Bentyl is taken in higher doses and for a long period of time, there are specific withdrawal symptoms, including vomiting, sweating and dizziness, which patients may experience. To prevent them it’s advisable to stop this treatment gradually. Along with its health benefits, this medicine may result in addiction in rare cases.


List of Common and Rare Side Effects


Bentyl is responsible for causing certain adverse effects, but most of them are mild and rare, including:


Drowsiness and dizziness;
Unusual weakness and lightheadedness;
Dry eyes and blurred vision;
Nausea and constipation;
Dry mouth and stomach bloating.


If any of these symptoms worsen, you should inform your physician immediately. To relieve dry mouth, it’s advisable to suck on candies, drink water, chew gums and use special saliva substitutes. To avoid dry eyes, you should use eye lubricants or artificial tears. If you want to prevent constipation, stick to a diet rich with fiber or drink enough water. In rare cases, the intake of Bentyl may lead to severe side effects that require immediate medical help, and they include the following:


Slurred speech and loss of coordination;
Irregular or fast heartbeats;
Reduced sweating and agitation;
Flushed, hot and dry skin;
Mood and mental changes;
Vision changes and eye pain;
Reduced sexual ability and difficulty urinating;
Allergic reactions.


Important Bentyl Contraindications


Before you start this treatment, ensure that your doctors know about other health conditions that you have, including allergies, enlarged prostate, glaucoma, problems with urination, intestinal or stomach conditions, heart disorders, overactive thyroid, heartburn diseases, hypertension, nervous system disorders, liver and kidney complications, etc. You need to avoid alcoholic beverages and any activities that can make you feel overheated while taking Bentyl. Unfortunately, older patients are more prone to relevant side effects. All users shouldn’t combine this medicine with antacids, antispasmodic meds, alkaloids, MAO inhibitors and others.


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