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Generic Name: benzoyl peroxide topical (BEN zoyl per OX ide)

Brand Names: Acne-Clear, Benzac AC, BenzePrO, Benziq, BPO, Brevoxyl Acne Wash Kit, Clearplex, Clearskin, Desquam-X Wash, Fostex Wash 10%, NeoBenz Micro, Neutrogena Acne Mask, Oscion, Oxy Balance, Oxy Daily Wash, Oxy-10, Pacnex, PanOxyl, Persa-Gel, Riax, SoluCLENZ Rx, Triaz


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Benzac is used by people to treat acne, because this medication works by killing harmful bacteria that cause this condition. Its use dries pimples and helps the affected skin to peel.


How Patients Should Use It


It’s necessary to use Benzac on the affected skin area either once or twice a day. This medicine is intended only for external use, so patients need to avoid any contact with their eyes, mouth, lips, etc. There are different things that may influence regular doses, including their body weight, other meds and so on.


Possible Side Effects when Using Benzac


Many medications may lead to unwanted side effects, which can be both mild and severe. The use of Benzac is no exception, so patients may end up with such symptoms as:


Skin peeling and dryness;
Feeling of mild tingling, warmth and redness.


These side effects are mild, but if they become bothersome, contact your doctor immediately, because they may lead to serious problems when left untreated. In rare cases, the use of Benzac may result in severe side effects that require immediate medical attention, including:


Skin rash and allergic reactions;
Painful skin irritation and burning;
Blistering and itching;
Crusting and swelling;
Severe redness.


Benzac Warnings and Precautions


Before you start applying this medicine, you need to inform doctors about any existing allergies and other serious medical conditions that you have. Don’t forget to enlist all the meds that you’re taking and report whether you’re breastfeeding or pregnant if you want to apply Benzac safely and effectively. That’s because all of these factors may affect its use and effectiveness.


This medicine has bleaching effects, because it may bleach colored fabrics and people’s hair. Some patients may experience excessive skin dryness when using it, and they need to talk to doctors in this case. The use of Benzac may increase people’s sensitivity to the sun, so it’s advisable to avoid any prolonged exposure and sunlamps while undergoing this treatment. If you still need to be exposed to the sun, use effective sunscreens and wear protective clothes.


This medication shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women unless it’s clearly needed. It’s not clearly known whether it passes into the breast milk, but nursing mothers still need to be careful with its intake. Furthermore, the effectiveness and safety of Benzac wasn’t established for kids who are less than 12 years old.

Possible Drug Interactions


There are some drugs that may potentially interact with this medicine, so they should be avoided. For example, it’s not allowed to use other topical meds that may irritate or dry the skin and affect the way Benzac works or increase its side effects. Tell doctors about other medications and products that you’re using. Finally, alcoholic beverages, caffeine and nicotine should be avoided when using this medication, because these harmful substances may affect its proper action.


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