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Brahmi is a popular plant that has been used in Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, for a long time. You shouldn’t confuse it with other supplements and natural medications available in the modern market. Nowadays, Brahmi is often used by patients who have Alzheimer’s disease and many other conditions, including ADHD, improving memory, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, allergic reactions, etc. Some people even use it as their general tonic to reduce regular stress. Besides, Brahmi is taken to treat mental illnesses, hoarseness, back and joint pain, epilepsy and different sexual problems in both men and women. It can be used as an effective water pill, too. To improve thinking and memory, patients need to take 300 mg of Brahmi every day.

Mechanism of Action


Brahmi is suggested to work by increasing specific brain chemicals, or neurotransmitters, involved in such important processes as memory, learning and thinking. There are some studies and tests that suggest that Brahmi may also protect brain cells from the harmful chemicals related to Alzheimer’s disease. This plant is effective in improving people’s memory. Studies and tests also prove that taking its extract helps healthy adult patients improve their memory. Taking this extract also improves memory and hand-eye coordination in kids between 6-8 years old. Brahmi should be taken by patients orally, but this treatment is often limited to only 12 weeks. Some of the most common side effects caused by it include the following:


Increased bowel movements and nausea;
Stomach cramps and ulcers;
Unusual fatigue and dry mouth.


They are mild and rare, but if they worsen, you should call your physician at once.

Important Brahmi Warnings and Precautions


In terms of breastfeeding and pregnancy, there is no reliable information about the safety of using this supplement if women are breastfeeding or pregnant. It’s better to stay on a safe side and use it only when clearly needed. This extract may increase the section in the urinary tract, so its use may rarely worsen their urinary obstruction.


The use of Brahmi may also slow down heartbeats and lead to bradycardia, and it can be a problem for patients who have slow heart rates, so they should be careful with its intake. This extract may also cause gastrointestinal tract blockage or congestion of people’s intestines. If patients have their blockage, its use may cause certain problems.


Brahmi may increase secretion in the intestines and stomach, so its intake may worsen ulcers. It also increases fluid section in lungs, but it happens very rarely. There is a certain concern that its use may worsen existing lung conditions, including emphysema and asthma. When it comes to thyroid disorders, Brahmi may raise thyroid hormone levels, so it should be taken with caution or even avoided by patients who have any thyroid conditions or need to take specific thyroid hormone drugs.


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