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Bupron SR

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Bupron SR is a medicine that belongs to a group of drugs called antidepressants, and it’s often taken for treating seasonal affective disorder and major depressive disorder. There are certain side effects, drug interactions and other contraindications that should be learnt before starting this treatment.


Groups of Patients Who Shouldn’t Take Bupron SR


It’s not allowed to take this medication if you have eating disorders and seizures. Besides, if you stopped taking any sedatives, alcohol and seizure meds, you shouldn’t start this treatment. Doctors don’t advise taking Bupron SR with MAO inhibitors because of dangerous drug interactions. Its use may result in seizures, especially in patients with specific health conditions or when combined with specific meds. When taking antidepressants, some people may have suicidal thoughts and behaviors, so their progress should be checked on a regular basis. It’s necessary to monitor any mood and mental changes while undergoing this treatment too. You need to report doctors any worsening or new signs, including:


Behavior and mood changes;
Panic attacks and difficulty sleeping;
Anxiety and thoughts about hurting yourself;
Feeling restless, agitated, impulsive, hostile, irritable, more depressed or hyperactive.


What to Do before Taking Bupron SR


Patients shouldn’t undergo this treatment if they have any allergic reactions to this medication or such serious health conditions as seizures, epilepsy, eating disorders, like bulimia or anorexia, etc. The intake of Bupron SR may lead to seizures, especially in patients with specific medical conditions, and it’s not allowed to use it to treat a few conditions at once. To ensure that this medicine is safe for you, you need to tell your physician if you have:


Heart problems or hypertension;
Head injuries or seizures;
Spinal cord or brain tumors;
Diabetes and glaucoma;
Liver and kidney disorders;
Manic depression.

Standard Bupron SR Doses


To treat depression, adult patients need to take 100 mg of Bupron SR by mouth, usually twice a day, and this dose can be increased up to 450 mg gradually. To treat seasonal affective disorder, it’s recommended to take 150 mg by mouth in the morning, and this dosage can be increased up to 300 mg.


Possible Side Effects


This medication may cause the following common side effects:


Nausea and insomnia;
Sudden weight loss and constipation;
Headaches and dizziness;
Agitation and stomach pain;
Skin rash and angina;
Hypertension and confusion;
Anxiety and diarrhea;
Urinary changes and lack of concentration;
Hostility and nervousness;
Tremors and unusual weakness;
Vomiting and facial flushing;
Abnormal dreams and allergies.


Most of these symptoms don’t require immediate medical attention, but if you have major side effects, you need to go to the hospital at once:


Irregular heartbeats and shaking;
Hyperventilation and shortness of breath;
Ringing in the ears and fainting.


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