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Generic Name: buspirone (byoo SPYE rone)


Brand Names: BuSpar, BuSpar Dividose, Vanspar


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Buspar is an effective anti-anxiety drug that features a powerful impact on the brain and its functioning. The active ingredient of the treatment, Buspirone, helps balance serotonin levels in patients, who are affected by anxiety. The drug is prescribed for people who experience severe anxiety symptoms, such as irritability, fear, dizziness, tension and similar signs.


Additionally, the medication can be administered as an anti-psychotic drug for mental diseases. Ask your healthcare provider about off-label Buspar use.


Precautions, Contraindications and Warnings for Buspar Intake


Do not start the anxiety treatment course without previous doctor’s consultations. The medication is contraindicated for patients, who:


Are sensitive to Buspirone;
Have used MAO inhibitors within the last 14 days;
Are pregnant or breastfeeding;
Are not 18 years old.


The ingredients of the drug may cause dangerous side effects on newborn and unborn children, if the medication is used by their mothers. Consult your healthcare provider about Buspar intake during pregnancy.


Besides, your doctor should be aware of all the other illnesses, health disorders and complications you have, especially:


Heart diseases;
Liver problems;
Kidney impairments and others.


Using Buspar for the Maximal Effect: Instructions and Doses


Follow your doctor’s prescription during Buspar administration. Moreover, keep in mind the directions and instructions mentioned in the safety guide. Take the medication in the exact dose recommended by your doctor. Despite your physician may occasionally change the prescription for a better effect, you should not do it on your own. This anti-anxiety remedy is for regular use. Use the medication with or without food, preferably at the same time each day.


Buspar dose depends mainly on the severity of the condition you need to be treated and peculiarities of your health. The average initial dose is 7.5 mg Buspar used two times a day, or 5 mg administered three times daily. The maximal safe daily dose reaches 60 mg. Each Buspar tablet can be divided into a few intakes.


The abrupt stop of Buspar intake may result in severe withdrawal reactions. Once you have missed a single dose, take it the first available moment or skip, if the next scheduled dose should be administered within a while. Never double Buspar dose to avoid possible complications.


Buspar Interactions with Other Pharmaceuticals and Their Consequences


Tell your doctor about other medications and supplements you are using to prevent dangerous drug combinations and their interactions. Call your doctor if Buspar intake caused any serious disorders, such as:


Allergic reactions (breathing problems, hives, itching, swelling);
Shortness of breath, mild exertions;
Lightheadedness, weakness, confusion;
Dizziness, drowsiness;
Nausea, vomiting, constipation, stomach pain and discomfort, etc.


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