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Generic Name: doxazosin (dox AY zo sin)


Brand Names: Cardura, Cardura XL, Doxadura, Cascor, Carduran


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Cardura is taken either alone or with other medications to treat hypertension, so its use helps many patients prevent kidney problems and heart attacks effectively. Basically, this medicine works by relaxing blood vessels, thus, allowing blood to flow more easily. Cardura can be prescribed to treat the signs of enlarged prostate in some cases, including a weak stream, difficulty urinating and others. This medication belongs to alpha blockers, and some doctors also prescribe it to help their patients get rid of kidney stones via urination or treat bladder issues.


How to Take Cardura


You need to take this medicine orally, with and without food, and most patients are prescribed to use their doses once a day. Cardura may result in a sudden drop of blood pressure, thus, leading to such unwanted symptoms as fainting and dizziness. This risk is increased if you use high doses or restart this treatment after a while. That’s why it’s necessary to avoid those situations where you can be injured after fainting. To lower this risk, doctors prescribe all patients to take their first dose of Cardura at bedtime. Regular doses are always based on individual response and health condition, and if you mis any dose for a few days, it’s required to restart the whole treatment in lower doses. In general, it takes about 1-2 weeks to experience its full benefits.


Unwanted Side Effects


There are some unwanted symptoms that patients who take Cardura may experience, but most of them are mild and include:


Unusual weight gain and tiredness;
Drowsiness and headaches;
Lightheadedness and dizziness.


If any of these symptoms persist or you develop the following serious side effects, you need to call your doctor instantly:


Shortness of breath and fainting;
Yellowing skin and eyes;
Weakness and swelling;
Easy bruising and bleeding;
Fever and dark urine;
Persistent sore throat and allergic reactions;
Chest and arm pain;
Vision changes and slurred speech;
Confusion and prolonged erections.


Precautions and Drug Interactions


Before you start using Cardura, you need to talk to your doctor about basic warnings and precautions, especially if you have any allergies or other serious medical conditions, such as heart diseases, liver problems and others. This treatment may make you drowsy and dizzy, so that you shouldn’t drive or do other things that require your complete attention. Be sure to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages to be on a safe side. Older patients tend to be more sensitive to the side effects of Cardura, especially hypotension and dizziness.


There are dangerous drug interactions that should be avoided when taking this medication. Don’t combine it with pills for pulmonary hypertension and ED meds, macrolide antibiotics and HIV protease inhibitors, etc. They may change the way it works and result in serious side effects. Discuss all other meds that you need take with your doctor to avoid drug interactions.


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