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Generic Name: cefuroxime (SEF ue ROX eem)


Brand Names: Ceftin


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Ceftin is often taken by people who need to treat different bacterial infections, and it belongs to the group of meds known as cephalosporin antibiotics. It works by stopping bacterial growth in the human body, so this medicine should be taken to treat only bacterial infections. It’s not effective against viral or other infections. Patients should understand that its overuse and misuse may lead to reduced effectiveness.


How to Use Ceftin


This medication is intended to be taken orally, and most people do that twice a day according to the directions of their doctors. To reduce the risk of having stomach ulcers and to increase its proper absorption, it’s advisable to take Ceftin with food. Your regular doses must be based on a specific medical condition and individual response to this treatment. You need to swallow each tablet as a whole without chewing or crushing it. All antibiotics work best when their amount in the blood is kept at its constant level. If you stop taking this medication too early, you will only let harmful bacteria grow, thus, resulting in relapse of bacterial infections.


Set of Expected Adverse Effects


Ceftin may lead to experiencing a set of unwanted side effects, such as:


Diarrhea and stomach pain;
Vomiting and nausea;
Drowsiness and dizziness (especially when used in high doses);
Allergic reactions.


However, they are rare and most of them are not serious. If you notice any of the following severe side effects, you need to contact your doctor at once:


Unusual weakness or tiredness;
Urine changes and dark urine;
Yellow eyes and skin;
Severe stomach pain and cramps;
Signs of new infections;
Chest pain and jerky movements;
East bleeding and bruising;
Mucus and blood in your stool;
Mood and mental changes.


Basic Ceftin Contraindications


Before taking this medication, you need to inform doctors about other conditions that you have, especially when it comes to possible allergies to its active ingredients, liver and kidney problems, intestinal ailments, poor nutrition, etc. Moreover, the intake of Ceftin can make you feel drowsy and dizzy, and that’s why you shouldn’t drive or do other things that require your full alertness because of safety risks. You also need to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages when undergoing this treatment. Older patients are more likely to develop the above-mentioned side effects.


In addition, there are some drug interactions associated with the use of Ceftin. This means that it shouldn’t be combined with such meds as live bacterial infections, blood thinners, probenecids, rifamycins and some others. These combinations can lead to unwanted drug interactions, increased side effects and other health risks. This medicine also affects specific lab test results and effectiveness of birth control pills, so patients should know that before starting this treatment. Make a list of other medications that you need to take to avoid this problem.


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