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Generic Name: Keflex, Panixine, Biocef, Zartan


Brand Names: Keflex, Panixine, Biocef, Zartan


Where to buy Cephalexin online?




Cephalexin is a leading anti-bacterial remedy available on the pharmaceutical market. Belonging to a group of cephalosporin antibiotics, the drug fights the existing bacteria in the organism, decreasing their impact and eliminating further development. As a result of such an effect, the treatment is widely spread as solution of various bacterial infections, including urinary tract infections, upper respiratory infections, skin infections, ear infections and others.


Cephalexin may be administered for other conditions not listed in the safety guide.


Before You Take Cephalexin: Precautions, Contraindications and Warnings


Talk to a qualified doctor before the beginning of Cephalexin intake. To avoid possible complications, the treatment should not be used by patients, who are allergic to this exact medication or any other cephalosporin antibiotic. The information about other health impairments and complications is necessary for proper dose adjustment. Pay exclusive attention to the issues, including:


Intestinal disorders;
Liver or kidney impairments;
Allergies to the drugs and others.


Despite Cephalexin is not expected to impact the health of an unborn child, it is important to inform the doctor about pregnancy or lactation during the therapy.


How to Achieve Best Results from Cephalexin Intake


Administer Cephalexin right as ordered by the doctor and according to the safety instructions. Never increase or decrease its doses to prevent complications. Never take the pharmaceutical in order to improve the condition that has not been diagnosed and checked by your physician.


Cephalexin should be administered on a regular basis for a full length of the therapy. Keep in mind that the symptoms of the infection may disappear earlier than the condition, so do not stop the intake once you have felt the improvement. Antibiotic resistance may develop from frequent dose skipping.


Ultimate Cephalexin Dose – Way to Success


Your overall health state, disturbing condition, its severity, etc. are the factors that influence the adjusted daily dose. Inform your physician about all these issues to get correct dose and experience maximal effects. Cephalexin dose is prescribed individually depending on personal peculiarities. Nevertheless, an average Cephalexin dose ranges from 250 mg to 500 mg used every 6 hours. The medication course may last from 7 up to 14 days.


Possible Side Effects and Related Abnormalities


Take the treatment as prescribed by your doctor. Otherwise, you can experience dangerous complications and outcomes from the medication misuse. The most devastating complications that require medical assistance include:


Allergic reactions;
Jaundice and other liver problems;
Watery or bloody diarrhea, symptoms of other stomach disorders;
Severe skin reactions;
Confusion, lightheadedness, agitation, hallucinations and others.


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