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Cleocin Gel

Generic Name: clindamycin (oral/injection) (klin da MYE sin)

Brand Names: Cleocin HCl, Cleocin Pediatric, Cleocin Phosphate


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Cleocin gel is an approved medication that features a potential impact on the skin conditions. Belonging to a group of innovative topical lincomycin antibiotics, the remedy is frequently used to treat acne, including its severe forms. Active components of the drug help killing sensitive bacteria, which usually provoke acne and other complications that irritate the skin. Additionally, the medication can be used for other purposes, not listed in the information leaflet. Nevertheless, off-label use of Cleocin gel requires thorough doctor’s inspection and approval.


Contraindications, Warnings and Related Issues Primarily to the Medication Use


Discuss the medication intake with your healthcare provider in order to get guaranteed effect and no complications. Make sure you have no contraindications for safe Cleocin gel application. The drug is not recommended for people, who are sensitive to its components or similar antibiotics. Besides, other diseases, health impairments and accompanying disorders should be discussed with the doctor, especially:


Gastrointestinal disease;
Severe diarrhea;
Allergic reactions to medicines, food and other supplements, etc.


Patients, diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease or antibiotic-related colitis are contraindicated for the medication use. Additionally, pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a healthcare specialist before Cleocin gel application, since its components can affect the health of an unborn and nursing child in a devastating way.


As any other medication, Cleocin gel may interact with certain other treatments. Tell your physician about other treatments you are currently using, with exceptional regard paid to:


Non-depolarizing muscle relaxers and other medications.


How to Apply the Treatment and Witness Its Positive Impact


Proper Cleocin gel application is halfway to eliminated acne and other skin conditions. Keep in mind that the medication is for outer use only, so rinse your face, mouth and nose in case the drug has got there. The treatment should be applied to clean and dry skin. Wash your hands carefully primarily to the treatment use. Take the remedy for a full duration of the therapy prescribed by the doctor. It can take multiple days or even weeks for the symptoms to disappear. Keep using the medication till complete disappearance of the disorder. Never double the dose, neither increase the amount of gel, since it will not activate faster or better results, but harm your body, instead.


Side Effects and Other Complications Associated with Cleocin Gel Misuse


Report all the complications from Cleocin gel use to your healthcare provider. Seek emergency medical help in case the treatment caused serious or aggravating allergic reactions and other dangerous side effects, especially:


Watery or bloody diarrhea;
Severe stomach disorders;
Swelling, itching, redness;
Bloody stool, etc.


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