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Generic Name: danazol (DAN a zol)

Brand Names: Danocrine


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Danazol is a popular and effective medicine taken by women to treat their infertility and relieve pelvic pain caused by endometriosis. Besides, this medication is used to treat breast nodules, tenderness and pain caused by specific breast conditions. Some doctors prescribe it to both men and women to prevent swelling of their legs, arms and faces if this condition is caused by hereditary angioedema. Danazol belongs to androgens similar to testosterone, and it works by reducing the amount of hormones produced by ovaries. Its intake also helps patients boost the amount of specific proteins in the immune system. They are prescribed to take this medication orally, twice a day, either with or without regular meals. It’s necessary to stick to the same dose and schedule when taking it. The right dosage is always based on individual response and condition.


Important Danazol Warnings


This medicine shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women, because it may harm unborn babies. This treatment should be started during a menstrual period. In very rare cases, its intake may lead to quite serious blood clots and other severe medical conditions, such as liver problems, or it may increase benign intracranial hypertension. Patients need to seek immediate medical attention once they notice such troubling signs as:


Sudden vision changes and slurred speech;
Unusual weakness and dark urine;
Severe stomach pain and persistent headaches;
Yellow eyes and skin;
Severe vomiting and nausea;
Mood and mental changes.


Mild and Serious Side Effects


The use of Danazol may result in experiencing mild and serious side effects, but they are rare. For example, some patients may end up with such mild and moderate symptoms as:


Acne and facial flushing;
Sudden weight gain and voice changes;
Vaginal irritation and dryness;
Abnormal body hair growth and decreased breast side.


If any of these side effects get worse, it’s necessary to contact your doctor immediately. Serious side effects are unlikely to occur, and they include:


Unusual menstrual changes and allergies;
Swelling ankles, hands and feet;
Mood swings and increased nervousness.


Seek emergency medical help once you notice any of these serious symptoms.


Basic Danazol Precautions


Before you start this treatment, tell your physician about any possible allergies and your medical history, especially if you have blood vessel and heart diseases, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, kidney and liver problems, breast cancer, migraines, seizures, blood disorders, vaginal bleeding, prostate cancer, etc.


Finally, Danazol shouldn’t be combined with certain medications because of possible drug interactions. Make a full list of other pharmaceutical products that you’re using and discuss them with your doctor. Don’t take this medicine with blood thinners, statin cholesterol pills and some others. Danazol may also interfere with the results of some lab tests.


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