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Generic Name: dexamethasone (dex-a-METH-a-sone)


Brand Names: Generic only. No brands available.


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Decadron is a corticosteroid medication, which is similar to the natural hormone, produced by adrenal glands. The drug treats the following health problems:


Severe asthma;
Severe allergies;
Ulcerative colitis;
Certain blood disorders;
Multiple sclerosis;
Some types of cancer;
Certain eye problems;
Certain skin problems;


The medication is often used for stimulating appetite in cancer patients, treating vomiting and nausea, associated with certain chemotherapy medications. Besides, it can be also prescribed by your doctor to treat conditions not listed here. Decadron reduces and prevents tissue’s respond on inflammation.




Do not use the medication, if you suffer from the following conditions:


Allergy to some ingredient in the drug;
You systematically suffer from fungal infections;
You are currently taking mifepristone.


If you have any of above-mentioned conditions, call your doctor immediately. Before you start taking the medication, tell your healthcare specialist about the following:


You are pregnant or plan to get pregnant;
You are currently taking other medications, including vitamins and various supplements;
You are allergic to certain medicines, food or any other substances;
Liver problems;
Kidney problems;
Underactive thyroid;
Ulcerative colitis;
Heart problems;
Stomach obstruction;
Herpes infection;
Recent tuberculosis;
Test positive for measles, chickenpox or TB.


How to Use It


Decadron should be used the way your doctor has prescribed. The medication can be given in many forms. It’s available in tablets of various sizes. The drug is taken with food or after having a meal. Your doctor may also prescribe to infuse the medicine into the vein. If you suffer from eye conditions, you’ll be prescribed Decadron eye drops. They are often given to those, who suffer from leukemia or lymphoma, or undergo chemotherapy. This helps to prevent eye infection, known as conjunctivitis. They are taken each 6 hours and 48 hours after the surgery was completed. You can be also indicated Decadron as a lotion for treating various skin problems. The amount of the medication you will get depends on many factors, such as your current health condition, other health problems and the reason you were prescribed the medication.


Side Effects


Generally, most of the patients do not experience all side effects of Decadron. In fact, all of them are predictable, when it comes to the medication onset and treatment duration. However, most of the side effects are reversible and would disappear when the treatment is completed. At the same time, there are so many ways to prevent drug’s side effects.


Common side effects include:


Reduced appetite;
Muscle weakness;
Increased blood sugar levels;
Impaired wound healing.


Less common side effects:


Mood swings;
Bone thinning;


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