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Generic Name: divalproex sodium (dye val PRO ex)


Brand Names: Depakote, Depakote ER, Depakote Sprinkles


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Depakote is an oral medicine taken by people to treat certain psychiatric conditions, such as bipolar disorder, seizure disorders and prevent migraines. Basically, it works by restoring the right balance of certain neurotransmitters in the brain.


Basic Guidelines on Its Proper Use


It’s necessary to take Depakote orally based on the directions given by your doctor. You’re allowed to use it with meals if you have upset stomach. Your daily dosage is based on your individual response to this treatment, medical condition, body weight, age, etc. Take this medicine regularly to get its full benefit and use every dose at the same time each day. When Depakote is taken to treat seizures, it’s not allowed to stop this treatment without consulting your physician. Regular doses should be gradually reduced, and this medication doesn’t relieve acute migraines.


Potential Depakote Adverse Effects


Some patients, who take this drug, may experience unwanted side effects, but most of them are mild and include:


Hair loss and diarrhea;
Drowsiness and dizziness;
Double or blurred vision;
Ringing in the ears and tremor;
Changes in menstrual periods;
Sudden weight changes and unsteadiness.


If some of these symptoms become persistent, your doctor needs to know about that. If you notice any partial pills in your stools, it means that you may have specific intestinal conditions. Most patients who use Depakote don’t have any serious side effects, because they are quite rare. However, if you experience any of the following severe symptoms, you need to get medical help at once:


Easy bruising and unexplained bleeding;
Chest pain and allergic reactions;
Persistent sore throat and fever;
Swelling of legs and hands;
Irregular, fast and slow heartbeat;
Uncontrolled eye movements;
Fast breathing and loss of consciousness;
Severe stomach pain and dark urine;
Persistent vomiting and nausea;
Yellow skin and eyes;
Feeling shivering or cold.


Besides, some people who take this drug may end up with suicidal ideas and attempts, depression and other mood and mental changes.


Basic Depakote Contraindications


Before you take the first dose, discuss your medical history with doctors, especially if it contains any possible allergies, pancreatitis, liver and kidney problems, metabolic disorders, bleeding conditions, alcohol abuse, dementia, severe dehydration, poor nutrition, etc. It’s not advisable to perform any activities that require full alertness for safety reasons. Patients also need to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Older adults are more sensitive to the adverse effects caused by Depakote, especially unsteadiness, dizziness, tremor and drowsiness.


Finally, this medicine shouldn’t be combined with certain meds because of possible drug interactions. Don’t use Depakote together with specific antidepressants, antibiotics, benzodiazepines, anti-seizure drugs and muscle relaxants.


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