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Generic Name: dipyridamole (dye pir ID a mole)


Brand Names: Persantine, Persantine IV


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Dipyridamole is taken together with such blood thinners as Warfarin to keep blood clots from forming after heart valve replacement. This condition is quite serious because it may lead to such health risks as heart attacks, strokes, blocked blood vessels and others. Basically, this medicine belongs to a group of meds called platelet inhibitors, and it works by keeping the blood flowing, stopping platelets from clotting and keeping blood vessels in the heart open. Some doctors also prescribe Dipyridamole to decrease the risk of strokes in those patients who are prone to blood clots, have had mini strokes and are exposed to other health problems. You need to take this medication orally, 4 times a day, on your empty stomach. If you have stomach ulcers, you’re allowed to take regular doses with meals after consulting doctors. The right dosage is always determined based on your response to this therapy.

Unwanted Dipyridamole Side Effects


Most of the side effects caused by this treatment are mild and rare, including:


Stomach ulcers and vomiting
Diarrhea and allergic reactions;
Headaches and dizziness;
Facial flushing and others.


If any of them worsen, you should call your doctor to stop or adjust your treatment. To decrease your risk of lightheadedness and dizziness, it’s advisable to get up slowly from lying and sitting positions. Severe side effects are very rare, but you need to go to the hospital right after noticing the following symptoms:


Fainting and unusual weakness;
Fast and pounding heartbeats;
Yellowing skin and eyes;
Unusual bruising and bleeding;
Dark urine and chest pain;
Slurred speech and confusion;
Vision changes and body weakness.


Precautions when Using Dipyridamole


Before you take the first dose, talk to your doctor about other medical conditions that you have and their possible effects on this treatment. You should be very careful if you have any allergies, heart problems, liver diseases and others. The use of Dipyridamole can make you feel dizzy, so you shouldn’t drive or do other activities that require full attention. You also need to limit different alcoholic beverages and tell doctors if you take this medicine before any surgery. Older patients are more sensitive to its side effects, especially when it comes to bleeding and dizziness. Pregnant and nursing mothers are allowed to take Dipyridamole only when it’s clearly needed.


Unwanted Drug Combinations


There are certain medications that should be avoided when undergoing this treatment because they may lead to dangerous drug interactions. Don’t combine Dipyridamole with aspirin and similar pills, blood thinners, adenosine, other meds that affect platelets, riociguat and others. That’s because they may reduce the effectiveness of this medication and increase your risk of having serious side effects. Make a full list of other pills that you’re taking to avoid possible drug interactions.


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