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Generic Name: doxazosin (dox AY zo sin)


Brand Names: Cardura, Cardura XL, Doxadura, Cascor, Carduran


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This medication is often used to treat high blood pressure and BPH. Nowadays, you can find it as extended-release and standard tablets that are available in different doses for your convenience. Most patients take 1-16 mg of Doxazosin daily to treat hypertension, but if you want to treat BPH, you should take 1-8 mg of this medicine.


Its Correct Use and Mechanism of Action


Doxazosin is a popular oral medication taken by patients to treat the symptoms and causes of hypertension and BPH. It belongs to a group of meds called alpha blockers, and it works by blocking the effects of norepinephrine, thus, relaxing smooth muscles that surround blood vessels. It leads to their enlargement and reduced blood pressure, relieved pain and discomfort.


You should take Doxazosin orally once a day, both with and without food. However, its intake may result in a sudden drop in blood pressure that leads to fainting and dizziness, but this effect passes within a few hours. That’s why you need to avoid any situation where you can faint or become injured. Most doctors prescribe their patients to take the first dosage of Doxazosin at bedtime to prevent these unwanted symptoms and risks. Regular doses are always based on individual response and medical conditions, and it often takes a few weeks to notice the positive effect of this treatment.


Mild and Severe Adverse Effects


Like other meds, Doxazosin may cause certain mild and serious side effects, but they are quite rare. For example, some patients may experience such symptoms as:


Unusual fatigue and shortness of breath;
Dizziness and headaches;
Stomach pain and diarrhea;
Low blood pressure and edema;
Painful and prolonged erections;
Allergic reactions.


If any of them worsen or you notice severe side effects, such as IFIS, you need to visit your doctor immediately. Besides, the use of Doxazosin may result in significant reduction in your blood pressure, especially after taking the first dose. That’s why all patients start their treatment with lower doses that can be gradually increased when needed.


Important Contraindications when Using Doxazosin


This medication is associated with specific drug interactions when it’s combined with other pharmaceutical products. Make sure that you don’t take it with PDE-5 inhibitors and other meds. Discuss other medications that you need to take with your doctor to avoid such health risks as increased side effects.


In addition, before you start this treatment, you should visit your physician to talk about other pre-existing health conditions that you have. Be careful if you have any allergic reaction, liver diseases, heart problems, and others. The use of Doxazosin can make you feel drowsy and dizzy, so that it’s advisable to avoid driving and doing other things that require complete alertness. Avoid drinking too much alcohol when taking this medicine for safety reasons. Adult patients are more sensitive to its side effects, so they should be monitored by doctors.


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