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Generic Name: flutamide (oral) (FLOO ta mide)


Brand Names: Eulexin


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Eulexin is a medication prescribed by physicians to treat prostate cancer in men. It must be used with other drugs and radiation treatments to achieve the best effect. It belongs to a group of meds called anti-androgens or anti-testosterone. Basically, testosterone is a natural hormone that helps prostate cancer to spread and grow. Eulexin works by blocking its effects, thus, slowing the spread and growth of prostate cancer.


Warnings and Uses


In rare cases, Eulexin may cause serious liver problems, so men need to call their doctors right after noticing such symptoms as:


Loss of appetite and severe tiredness;
Persistent nausea and vomiting;
Persistent abdominal and stomach pain;
Yellow eyes and skin;
Joint and muscle pain;
Dark urine.


Liver complications may start at any time while taking this medicine, so patients should be closely monitored by their doctors when undergoing this treatment. Take Eulexin orally, both with and without food, and you need to do it 3 times a day. The right dosage is prescribed by doctors based on your individual response and medical condition. You should take all doses regularly to get the greatest benefits.


Eulexin Side Effects


Based on the fact that it’s often take with other drugs, its side effects can be caused by them or their combinations. For example, some men who take Eulexin may report the following symptoms:


Diarrhea and nausea;
Hot flashes and vomiting;
Loss of sexual desire and enlarged male breasts;
Drowsiness and a few others.


They are rare and mild, but if any of these signs persist, inform your doctor at once. Diarrhea is a widespread side effect when taking Eulexin, so patients need to drink enough water to decrease a risk of losing too much body fluid. It’s also advisable to avoid different dairy products, stop laxatives and consume more vegetables, whole grains and fruits. You need to go to the hospital if you experience persistent or severe diarrhea in addition to clear signs of dehydration. Eulexin can change the urine color, but this effect isn’t harmful.


In rare cases, some men may experience serious side effects that require immediate medical attention:


Mood or mental changes;
Confusion and sudden weakness;
Breast lumps and pale skin;
Severe tiredness and fast heartbeats;
Blue lips, fingernails and skin;
Allergies and shortness of breath.


Eulexin Contraindications


Before taking this drug, inform doctors about any allergies to pharmaceutical products and your medical history, especially if it includes liver problems, regular smoking, enzyme deficiency, etc. The use of Eulexin can make you drowsy or dizzy, so don’t drive, because this activity requires your full alertness. Older men are more prone to its side effects, especially drowsiness. Finally, don’t combine Eulexin with specific medications, such as anabolic steroids, testosterone, warfarin and DHEA because of possible interactions.


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