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Generic Name: crotamiton topical (crow TA mi ton)

Brand Names: Eurax


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Eurax is a popular medication taken by people to treat scabies. Basically, this condition is a certain skin infection caused by mites that burrow into people’s skin. The irritation they cause results in such unwanted symptoms as small blisters, bumps, itching, etc. This medicine works effectively by killing the mites that cause it while relieving itching resulted by different skin conditions. Eurax belongs to a group of meds called antiprurutics and scabicides.


How to Use This Medicine Correctly


Patients need to use Eurax only on their skin, because it’s not intended to be taken orally. It’s necessary to avoid applying it to their mouth, face, eyes and any raw, oozing or inflamed skin areas. To treat scabies effectively, people need to take a shower or bath before using this medicine. They also need to remove any crusted and scaly skin by gently rubbing it. It’s advisable to massage only a thin layer of lotion into the skin, especially between toes and fingers, because mites tend to live there. Doctors recommend using a special toothbrush to use this medication under fingernails. Eurax should be applied after 24 hours again, and patients need to change their towels, clothes and bed sheets the next day after every application of this drug. To treat other skin conditions that cause itching, users need to massage a thin layer of this medicine into their affected areas and repeat this step when needed. Usually, Eurax should be applied 2-3 times a day, but most users tend to have itching for a few more weeks.


Possible Side Effects when Using Eurax


Most medications cause specific side effects when patients take them, and Eurax is no exception. Some of the most common unwanted symptoms caused by its application include worsening skin irritation, redness and itching. However, these side effects are rare, and they don’t cause a lot of discomfort. If any of these signs become troubling and get worse, it’s necessary to inform your doctor at once. Most patients who use Eurax don’t have any serious adverse effects, and severe allergic reactions are very rare. Seek immediate medical attention once you develop the following serious symptoms:


Itching and swelling;
Skin rash and difficulty breathing;
Severe dizziness and drowsiness.


Important Eurax Precautions


Before you start applying this medication, talk to doctors and inform them if you have any possible allergic reactions to the use of Eurax or any other drugs. Besides, they need to know everything about your medical history to avoid health complications.


Discuss the benefits and risks of this treatment, especially if you’re pregnant and breastfeeding.


In addition, there are certain medications that shouldn’t be combined with Eurax because of an increased risk of having drug interactions. Don’t take it together with these drugs and make a list of other treatments that you have. Your doctor needs to know them all before prescribing this medicine.


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