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Generic Name: raloxifene (oral) (ra LOX i feen)

Brand Names: Evista


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Evista is the treatment for women’s use only. The active ingredient of the medication, Raloxifene, influences the process of bone formation and breakdown, decreasing bone tissue loss. The drug is recommended for treatment and warning of osteoporosis in postmenstrual women. Besides, the drug can be administered in order to eliminate the risk of invasive breast cancer in women in postmenstrual period, who belong to the risk group. However, keep in mind that Evista is not cancer treatment, so it will not cure breast cancer. Ask your doctor about other Evista uses.


How to Use Evista for 100% Effect


To achieve the maximal effect out of the treatment course and benefit from Evista action, a patient should start the therapy with doctor’s consultation. Administer the remedy in accordance with specified instructions and never change the options. Increasing or decreasing the dose you risk either getting no effect or experiencing unwanted misuse reactions. Evista can be administered with or without food, though it is preferable to take the medication at approximately the same time each day. The remedy comes in blisters of 15 pills, with one tablet for each day. Do not change the cycle, determined by your healthcare provider. Once you require any surgery or other type of medical interference, you need to stop Evista intake minimum 72 hours before it. Warn your medical specialist about Evista use before surgery or inspection. Keep in mind that Evista use is just a part of a complete treatment course that also presupposes regular exercises, balanced diet, vitamin D supplements and weight control.

Safety Issues before the Therapy: Contraindications, Precautions and Warnings


Never start the treatment course primarily to your doctor’s consultation. Evista use can advance the risk of blood clots in eyes, legs or lungs. Warn your medical professional about previous experience of blood clots. Additionally, Evista should not be administered by patients, who are sensitive to its active components or similar drugs. The remedy can boost the danger of life-threatening heart complications. Inform your physician about other illnesses, health complications and abnormalities you have, paying ultimate attention to:


Abnormal triglycerides range;
Kidney or liver disorders;
Heart disease;
Breast cancer or its history;
Coronary artery disease and others.


Even though postmenstrual women are not likely to get pregnant, Evista can lead to severe birth defects. The medication is for women’s use only. No men and children are allowed to administer the remedy.


Evista Reactions, Side Effects and Possible Complications


Call your healthcare specialist or address the nearest emergency room in case Evista intake activated undesirable symptoms of dangerous health complications, especially:


Allergic reaction;
Symptoms of stroke;
Signs of blood clots;
Severe joint pain;
Cold or flu symptoms and others.


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