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Generic Name: famciclovir (fam SYE klo veer)


Brand Names: Famvir


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Famvir is an antiviral treatment, which active ingredient helps to decrease the development of herpes virus within the body, thus, eliminate the existing symptoms of infection. The main component of the medication, Famciclovir, cannot cure herpes itself, though it can significantly improve its signs. The medication is used to treat cold sores, genital herpes, shingles and other complications. Additionally, the drug can be administered off-label for other conditions.


Primarily to Famvir Intake: Contraindications and Precautions


Talk to your healthcare provider before you start Famvir intake. Mention all the complications and diseases you have, as well as pharmaceuticals you take to get proper dose adjustment and, consequently, a successful therapy. There is a range of health issues that may change the route of the medication course. They include:


Galactose intolerance;
Weak immune system;
Glucose-galactose malabsorption;
Liver or kidney disorders;
Lactase deficiency.


Moreover, there are cases when Famvir administration is completely contraindicated. People, allergic to Famciclovir, pregnant and breastfeeding patients belong to this group.


Recommendations for Famvir Intake


After you have got doctor’s prescription, you have to follow it to achieve great results possible after Famvir use. The medication should not be administered in higher or lower doses or longer than instructed. Keep in mind that the more is not always the better. An increased Famvir dose can lead to overuse with its serious outcomes.


Start the intake the first possible moment after you have noticed any complications or symptoms. The drug can be administered with or without food. Once the signs of the virus have disappeared, it is not a signal to stop the treatment course, as symptoms may fade away earlier than the overall problem.


The medication is for regular use, thus, to experience maximal effects, take it on a daily basis. Once you have missed a dose, take it the first possible moment or skipit if the next scheduled dose should be administered soon.


Famvir Combinations with Other Medications and Possible Consequences


Similarly to other treatments, Famvir action can be significantly decreased or fully eliminated by diverse medications. That is why it is inevitable to provide a doctor with a list of pharmaceuticals, herbal products, vitamins that may interact with Famvir causing undesirable reactions.


Call your healthcare provider the moment you have noticed any symptoms of drug misuse. The most common side effects are:


Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
Sleepiness, dizziness;
Fatigue and others.


Moreover, Famvir overdose can activate more devastating complications, including:


Allergic reactions;
Decreased urination;
Swelling, reasonless weight gain;
Confusion, appetite loss, irregular heartbeat, etc.


In such cases immediately stop the medication intake and seek emergency medical assistance.


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