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Finax is a medication that belongs to a group of drugs called steroid reductase inhibitors. Basically, it works by decreasing the amount of DHT in the human body, thus, stopping and preventing specific hair loss types in men.


Common Uses


Finax is an effective treatment for male pattern hair loss. Nowadays, it’s often taken by men to slow down their hair loss and help new hair to grow if they are affected by androgenic alopecia. DHT is an important hormone that plays a huge role in triggering hair loss in men, so stopping and preventing its formation helps users reverse and slow down their baldness. Sometimes, its intake also results in growing new hair. Some doctors also prescribe Finax to treat BPH or enlarged prostates.


Correct Administration and Doses


This medication is available in the form of standard tablets that should be taken orally. First, you need to visit your physician to get full medical examination. Your appropriate dosage is prescribed based on your condition and medical history. When suffering from BPH, the most common dosage of Finax is 5 mg taken on a daily basis. However, hair loss is different, and that’s why patients who want to treat this condition are prescribed to take only 1 mg a day. When this treatment is stopped, their balding process will continue, and any regrown hair will be lost.


Possible Finax Side Effects


Some male patients who take this medication may experience certain side effects. The good news is that most of them are rare and mild, including:


Soreness of testicles and feeling dizzy;
Swelling of breasts and allergies;
Problems with maintaining and achieving erections;
Reduced volume of the semen.


If any of these symptoms persist, or if you experience any serious side effects, you need to get immediate medical care.


Essential Finax Precautions


This medicine is not intended for any female hair loss type, so its intake won’t be effective. Finax is prescribed by doctors only to be used by adult male patients. Pregnant women are not allowed even to handle this medication, because its active ingredients may absorb via their skin and cause a lot of harm to their health and unborn babies.


If men notice any discharge from their breast, pain in this area or lumps on breasts, they need to visit their doctors at once, as these unwanted symptoms may indicate male breast cancer. In addition, there are some groups of patients who aren’t allowed to take Finax. The most important precautions include the following:


Seek medical help if you have any allergic reaction characterized with such symptoms as swelling, skin rash, difficulty breathing and others;
Take Finax only based on the directions given by your physician;
Before you start this treatment, make sure that doctors know about such conditions as possible allergies, other serious disorders or diseases, and you also need to inform them about the intake of other medications, vitamins and herbal supplements.


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