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Generic Name: tamsulosin (tam soo LOE sin)


Brand Names: Flomax


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Flomax is an oral medication taken by male patients to treat the unwanted and painful symptoms of BPH. It belongs to alpha blockers and works by relaxing muscles in the prostate and bladder. This is how this medicine helps men relieve their BPH symptoms, including:


Weak stream;
Difficulty to start urinating;
Their need to urinate both urgently and frequently.


It’s not allowed to take Flomax as a hypertension treatment, but it can be prescribed by doctors to help the human body pass kidney stones via natural urination. In rare cases, this medicine is used to treat bladder issues in women.


How to Take Flomax Correctly


Be sure to take this medicine orally 30 minutes after the same meal on a daily basis. Most patients are prescribed to use Flomax only once a day and their regular doses are based on their individual tolerance and medical condition. This medication should be taken regularly to get its full benefits. If you miss doses for a few days for any reason, you should discuss a possibility to start taking lower doses with your physician. It takes about 1 month to notice improvements in BPH symptoms.

Mild and Serious Adverse Effects


Flomax may cause certain side effects, but they are rare and most of them are mild, including:


Lightheadedness and dizziness;
Stuffy or runny nose and drowsiness;
Different ejaculation problems.


If any of these symptoms get worse, you should call your doctor. Serious side effects are rare, but they all require medical attention, including:


Fainting and allergic reactions;
Prolonged and painful erections.


Important Flomax Precautions


Before you start using this medicine, visit your doctor to discuss possible health risks. This step is important if you have any allergies and such health conditions as liver and kidney problems. The intake of Flomax may make some patients feel drowsy or dizzy, so it’s not advisable to drive or do other things that require their full alertness, especially if they aren’t sure that they can do it safely. The consumption of all alcoholic beverages should be limited, too. To avoid a risk of fainting, lightheadedness and dizziness, try to get up slowly from lying and sitting positions, especially in the beginning of this treatment. If you experience dizziness, lie down or sit to feel better.


Drug Interactions


They may change the way Flomax works and increase a possible risk of experiencing serious side effects, so drug interactions should be avoided at any cost. There are some medications that shouldn’t be taken together with it, including alpha blockers, ED meds, pills for BPH, azole antifungals, macrolide antibiotics, some HIV drugs, HIV protease inhibitors, antihistamines, muscle relaxants, drugs for anxiety and sleep, narcotic pain relievers and some others. That’s why doctors advise patients to make a full list of other medications that they’re taking and bring it with them to avoid any risk of dangerous drug interactions.


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