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Generic Name: fluticasone nasal (floo TIK a sone)


Brand Names: Flonase, Veramyst


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Flonase is a nasal spray, which contains fluticasone, a corticosteroid that prevents the release of the substance causing inflammation in a human’s body. The spray treats the following health problems:


Nasal congestion;
Runny nose;
Watery or itchy eyes;


All these conditions are caused by all year-round or seasonal allergies.


What Important Information Should I Know about the Drug?


Before you start using Flonase, tell your doctor about:


Liver problems;
Eye herpes simplex virus;
Any other infections;
Recent nose injury;
Recent surgery on a nose.


Before the symptoms improve, it can take up to several days to conduct the treatment with the drug. If a week has passed and your symptoms do not improve, contact your healthcare specialist immediately.


The spray lowers blood cells, which help your body fight with infections. Avoid sick people, while being treated with the medication. If you are exposed to measles or chicken pox, call your doctor to find out any possible preventive measures. These conditions can be very serious for those treated with Flonase.


The medicine should be thrown away if 120 sprays have already been used. The drug should not be administered by a child younger than 4 years old without any medical advice. The spray can impair child’s growing. If your kid is using Flonase, and you suspect him/her not to grow well, talk to your doctor. Always follow all the directions and recommendations on the prescription label.




If you use the medication without a prescription, ask your doctor if it’s safe for you. Certainly, inform your healthcare specialist whether you are suffering from diabetes. Corticosteroid medicines enhance the levels of glucose in the blood and urine. The dose of Flonase can be adjusted according to your diabetes medications.


It’s still unknown whether the spray can harm the fetus. The medication should not be used without a prescription if you are pregnant. It’s also not clear whether it can pass into the breast milk and be harmful to a nursing baby. Take the medicine only with prescription while breastfeeding. The FDA defines Flonase as pregnancy category C drug. A doctor may prescribe the medication during pregnancy only when its benefits outweigh all the risks. It’s believed that a baby, whose mom got treatment with corticosteroid medications, can get hypoadrenalism.


Flonase Side Effects


It’s recommended to get emergency help if you notice any allergic reactions to the medication (swollen face, lips, tongue, throat, difficulties with breathing, hives).


Common side effects include the following:

Sore throat;
Back pain;
Nose itching.


Severe side effects are:


Runny nose;
Blurred vision;
Eye pain;
Crusting in the area of nostrils;
Flu symptoms;
Noisy breathing.


This list of side effects is not complete. There may be others, which can occur in your particular case.


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