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Generic Name: fludrocortisone (FLOO droe KOR ti sone)


Brand Names: Florinef Acetate


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Florinef is a synthetic oral medication that belongs to a class of drugs called corticosteroids. Basically, it’s produced from hydrocortisone, but its effects are more powerful. This medicine works by mimicking specific aldosterone actions, and its effects are dose-dependent. For example, low oral doses of Florinef result in increasing blood pressure, urinary potassium excretion and sodium retention. Its higher doses inhibit hormonal secretion from adrenal glands. Its intake was approved by the FDA many years ago. Nowadays, Florinef is often prescribed by doctors as a part of partial replacement therapy for both secondary and primary adrenocortical insufficiency in patients with Addison’s disease. Some people also take this medication as an effective treatment for such conditions as congenital adrenal hyperplasia.


List of Rare and Common Side Effects


Some of the most common reported side effects caused by the intake of Florinef include the following:


Hypertension and fluid retention;
Heart issues and headache;
Psychiatric and mood disorders;
Skin conditions and difficulty sleeping;
Hyperglycemia and hypokalemia;
Endocrine problems and low potassium levels;
Stomach ulcers and upset stomach;
Growth suppression and osteoporosis;
Muscle weakness and bone fractures;
Eye problems and increased sweating;
Allergic reactions.


Some of these symptoms are serious, while others are mild, but they all must be reported doctors to avoid unwanted health complications. Besides, the use of Florinef may increase your risk of having new infections.

Recommended Doses


Florinef is available as standard tablets that contain 0.1 mg. Before taking the first pill, you should get more information about recommended doses from your physician. To treat salt losing adrenogenital syndrome, it’s necessary to take 0.1-0.2 mg on a daily basis. Patients with Addison’s disease start taking Florinef 0.1 mg orally and once a day. Their regular doses can be decreased if they suffer from hypertension. When it comes to maintenance doses, it’s advisable to take 0.1-0.2 mg only three times a week.


Important Florinef Contraindications


There are certain drug interactions associated with this treatment, so Florinef shouldn’t be combined with such medications as any antacids, colesevelam, colestipol and some others, because they may change its mechanism of action and result in increased side effects. Moreover, you shouldn’t take Florinef with different diabetes medications and pills that reduce its blood levels, such as mitotane, isoniazid, rifampin, barbiturates and others. Some drugs may increase its blood levels, including estrogen derivatives and live vaccines. That’s why you need to consult your physician about possible contraindications before you start taking Florinef. Inform doctors about other conditions and medications to avoid possible risks.


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