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Generic Name: alendronate (a LEN dro nate)

Brand Names: Binosto, Fosamax


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Fosamax is the drug that is classified as bisphosphonates. The active ingredient of the medication, Alendronate, helps to alter the process of bone formation and breakdown in the organism. The medication decreases bone loss, increasing the bone mass. As a result, a patient gets an opportunity to warn easy bone fractures. Considering the potential impact on the body, Fosamax is generally prescribed to patients, who need treatment of the osteoporosis symptoms, especially if the condition is caused by steroid use or menopause. Additionally, Fosamax can be administered by men and women who need to increase bone mass or to improve the signs of Paget’s disease.


Patient’s Health Concerns the Doctor Should Be Aware of before the Treatment Course


Never start the medication intake without previous doctor’s consultation. Your healthcare provider should know about all the illnesses, health disorders and minor impairments you have in order to adjust a proper dose that will be both safe and sufficient for a powerful effect. Fosamax is contraindicated for patients, who are sensitive to its components, as well as the ones, diagnosed with a decreased range of calcium in the blood. The medication can impair your esophagus and stomach functioning, so take the medication only if you have over 30 minutes to stay upright.


Besides, to eliminate possible risks, your physician should be informed of other health disorders you have, including:


Vitamin D deficiency;
Kidney disorders;
Dental issues;
Problems swallowing;
Ulcers or other stomach complications.


Since the medication can affect the health of an unborn and nursing child, you need to consult a medical specialist before its administration when being pregnant or breastfeeding.


Medications that May Interact with Fosamax


Warn your doctor about other prescription and generic pharmaceuticals you use, since some of them may change the route of Fosamax effect, stimulating the occurrence of unwanted reactions and side effects. Do not combine Fosamax with:


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications;
Levothyroxine and others.


Recommendations for Effective Fosamax Intake


Follow the prescription in order to witness maximal advantage out of Fosamax therapy. Never increase or decrease the dose or other specifications determined by your doctor. Use the treatment either once daily or once weekly, in accordance with the instructions mentioned by your doctor. It is preferable to administer the drug on an empty stomach, but with a full glass of water. Your doctor may require certain medical tests in order to make sure Fosamax produces the necessary effect without any abnormalities.

Fosamax Adverse Reactions and Possible Complications


Get immediate medical assistance if the medication use has triggered undesirable and harmful side effects, especially:


Allergic reactions;
Swallowing complications;
Joint or bone pain;
Swelling and others.


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