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Containing a combination of powerful synthetic estrogen, cyproterone acetate and ethinoloestradiol, the medication works changing the impact of excess androgen in the body. As a result, a powerful formula of the drug improves the symptoms of related conditions, such as hirsutism, acne, seborrhea, inflammation and others. Additionally, the remedy can be administered as a birth pill. The medication is approved to produce the necessary influence even in case local treatment and oral antibiotics showed no successful effect. Ginette 35 can be taken as a contraceptive during the treatment course of androgen-dependent conditions. Polycystic ovary syndrome can also be treated with the medication. Contact your healthcare provider before off-label Ginette 35 intake.


Advantageous Ginette 35 Uses


The medication consists of revolutionary components that provide multiple positive reactions on the organism. If used in accordance with the recommendations and safety precautions, Ginette 35 may trigger the following actions:


Decrease the symptoms of acne, seborrhea, hirsutism and other conditions related to excess androgen concentration in the body;
Serve as a contraception, which prevents unwanted pregnancy during the treatment of underlying health disorders;
Part of transgender hormone therapy, in case small antiandrogen doses are required.


Instructions for Safe Ginette 35 Course


It is essential to follow safety recommendations in order to benefit from Ginette 35 intake. Depending on the severity of your condition, accompanying health issues, medications you are using and a range of other factors, the adjusted dose may vary. However, generally, the treatment should be taken once a day for a 21-day course. Afterwards, you will have a week off, simultaneously with your menstrual bleed. Then you need to repeat the course again. Follow the schedule determined by your healthcare specialist in order to achieve the necessary effect without abnormalities. The complete course may last for a few months.


Contraindications, Precautions and Warnings for Ginette 35 Intake


Provide your healthcare specialist with details of your overall health state to make sure Ginette 35 therapy will not trigger undesirable reactions. The treatment course is contraindicated for patients, who are hypersensitive to the active components of the drug. Additionally, it is preferable to avoid androgen reducing therapy if you:


Are pregnant or breastfeeding;
Have abnormal genital bleeding;
Are diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, migraine, lipid disorders;
Have a history of endometrial carcinoma, liver or kidney impairments;
Take pharmaceuticals that may interact with Ginette 35;
Have a history of recent heart-related disorders, such as stroke, heart attack and others.


Side Effects and Possible Misuse Reactions


Contact your doctor immediately if Ginette 35 course activated any dangerous reactions, especially allergic reactions, depression, edema, breast pain, nausea, vomiting, etc.


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