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Hyaluronic Acid

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Brand Names: Hyaluronic Acid


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This dermatoprotective agent is a naturally occurring polysaccharide, which is an important useful component of the skin, subcutaneous and connective tissue, synovial tissues and fluids. While injected into the skin dermal layer of the face it increases the volume of a particular area.


Indications to its use include the following:


Correction of skin contours deformation: deep wrinkles and folds;
Enlargement of lip volume (correction of contour deformations in the face area is possible if you are able to stretch the defect by fingers to the needed state).


Contraindications and Dosing




Recent surgeries on the skin (laser and chemical peeling);
Inflammation in the place of the injection.


Hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin dermal layer of the face with the help of thin needles (size 30). The possible maximum dose for correction of one site is 30 mg; if a patient needs further procedures or the skin is too flabby and requires more preparation, subsequent injections should be made as separate procedures. When wrinkles or folds are corrected, anesthesia is not required, with an increase in the volume of lips, blockade of nerve endings is carried out. To smooth wrinkles or folds, linear injection technique or a series of point injections is used (a mix of both methods is possible). When the injection is carried out, the lumen of the needle must face upward, and the contour of the needle must be visible during the injection. The procedure must be completed before the needle is removed from the skin (to avoid leakage of the material).


Side Effects and Precautions


As with any other supplement, side effects are also possible and they include the following:


Hyperemia of the skin;
Pale skin;
Tenderness (at the injection place);
Acne-like papules.


These adverse reactions are mild and pass independently within 24-48 hours after injections into the facial skin, and within 2-7 days after the correction of the lip volume.


Precaution: it should not be confused with other drugs. With simultaneous administration of anticoagulants at the injection place, hematomas or bleeding may occur.

Special Instructions of Usage


A patient must be informed about all the features of the procedure, expected results, contraindications, precautions, side effects and possible painfulness of the procedure. Needles, syringe and other auxiliary materials are immediately destroyed after the injection. Before the procedure, the needed place is massaged in order to soften the surrounding tissues. A correct technique is an important factor of the effectiveness of this procedure. Injections can only be carried out by physicians who have undergone a special training. If there is swelling after the injection, it is necessary to apply thawed ice to the place of injection for a short period of time.


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