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Generic Name: terazosin (ter AY zo sin)


Brand Names: Hytrin


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Hytrin can be taken alone and with other medications to treat hypertension and help patients prevent such serious health problems as kidney diseases, heart attacks and strokes. This medicine works by relaxing blood vessels to let the blood flow easily. Sometimes, it’s used by men to treat the symptoms of BPH, too. Hytrin belongs to a class of medications called alpha blockers, and it may help the human body to get rid of kidney stones via urination. Some women use it to treat their specific bladder issues, too.

Basic Instructions on Its Correct Use


You need to take Hytrin by mouth, either with or without food. Most patients use this medicine only once a day, before their bedtime, and their initial dose doesn’t exceed 1 mg, and it’s always taken before the bedtime. This treatment may lead to a sudden drop in their blood pressure and such unwanted symptoms as fainting and dizziness. When taking this medicine, you should avoid any situation where you may get injured or faint, and your correct dosage must be prescribed by doctors based on your individual tolerance and other important criteria. It may take a few weeks to see improvements when using Hytrin to treat BPH.

List of Unwanted Symptoms


All medications cause certain side effects, and Hytrin is no exception. The good news is that its adverse effects are rare and mild, including:


Unusual tiredness and dizziness;
Nausea and lightheadedness;
Blurred vision and drowsiness;
Runny nose and headaches.


If any of these signs worsen, call your doctor as soon as you can. To avoid any risk of feeling lightheaded and dizzy, you should get up slowly from lying or sitting positions. Once you notice any serious side effects, it’s necessary to get emergency medical help:


Fast and irregular heartbeats;
Fainting and unexpected weight gain;
Tingling and burning in feet and hands;
Sexual function issues and allergic reactions;
Swelling of hands, feet and ankles;
Prolonged and painful erections.

Possible Hytrin Contraindications


Before you take this medicine, you should visit your doctor, especially if you have any serious health conditions, such as allergies, fainting, low blood pressure, blood issues, heart diseases and others. The use of this medication may make patients feel drowsy and dizzy, so they aren’t allowed to drive or perform other tasks that demand their full attention. It’s not advisable to drink any alcoholic beverages for safety reasons. Older patients are more sensitive to the side effects caused by Hytrin, especially hypotension, fainting and dizziness.


Finally, this medication shouldn’t be combined with certain drugs because of increased risks of side effects and other problems. Don’t take it together with PDE-5 inhibitors and other pills for ED or BPH, NSAIDs, and other pharmaceutical products that contain the components that may increase blood pressure. Discuss all possible risks with your doctor to avoid unwanted drug interactions.


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