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Generic Name: azathioprine (ay za THYE oh preen)


Brand Names: Azasan, Imuran


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Imuran is often taken with other drugs to help patients prevent their rejection of kidney transplants. This medication works by weakening the immune system and helping the human body to accept a new kidney. It belongs to a group of meds called immunosuppressants. Sometimes, Imuran is taken by patients who have severe rheumatoid arthritis if they don’t respond to other treatments. Some doctors may also prescribe it to prevent the rejection of other transplanted body organs and treat specific bowel conditions or other immune system diseases.


How to Take Imuran


This medication should be taken orally, either once or twice a day. Doctors advise to use Imuran with food to decrease stomach ulcers, and they prescribe the right dosage based on a certain medical condition, body weight and so on. For example, to treat rheumatoid arthritis, it’s not advisable to use more than 2.5 mg per 1 kg on a daily basis. It may take a while to notice positive results, and you need to inform doctors if your condition doesn’t improve. Imuran can be absorbed through the skin, so pregnant women are not allowed to handle it.


Important Warnings


A long-term intake of this drug may increase the risk of developing some cancer types, and this risk is higher in patients who use Imuran after any organ transplant and in youngsters treated for specific bowel conditions. They all must be closely monitored by their healthcare providers while undergoing this treatment. In rare cases, the use of Imuran may result in severe blood disorders and lower the ability of the human body to fight different infections. Inform your physician if you develop such signs as:


Unusual lumps and growths;
Skin changes and swollen glands;
Changes in the size and appearance of moles;
Sudden weight loss and itching;
Night sweats and signs of new infections;
Unusual tiredness or weakness;
Painful or swollen abdomen;
Easy bleeding and bruising.


Imuran Side Effects


Many patients who use this medication don’t have any side effects, or they are mild, including diarrhea, nausea, loss of appetite and vomiting. If these symptoms worsen or persist, notify doctors at once. It’s possible to decrease these side effects by using Imuran after meals. In rare cases, patients may develop serious symptoms, including:


Allergic reactions;
Hair loss and muscle loss;
Mouth sores and greasy stools;
Numbness and cold in fingers;
Painful and difficult swallowing;
Yellow eyes and skin;
Black stools and vomiting like coffee grounds.


Basic Imuran Precautions


Before starting this treatment, tell your physician about any possible allergies and your medical history, including kidney and liver problems, reduced bone marrow, blood conditions, active infections, etc. The intake of Imuran may increase the risk of having serious infections, so it’s advisable to avoid any contacts with sick people. Don’t use Imuran with ACE inhibitors, blood thinners and some other medications.


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